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Sailor Jerry Uncut – Where Eagles Dare

There are three things about myself that pretty much any one I’ve ever met can attest to;

  • I love advertising – I’d live it if I could. I am constantly enthralled by new campaigns, creativity, and the notion of selling an idea that people would love to be part of.
  • I adore punk music and its offshoot genres, especially in a live setting – My record collection is about 80% pop-punk, 10% hardcore/screamo, 5% indie/alternative, and 5% hip-hop. I’ve been to way over 300 gigs in my life time, and I’ve got ticket stubs to prove it. Out of those 300, I can tell you exactly who I’ve thrown myself off of a stage, amp or speaker set to, and I can tell you exactly which shows I’ve caught a crowd surfer/stage diver to the face.
  • I’d take a spirit, mixed or otherwise, over a pint of beer any day – I’ve never liked beer. It’s probably because I had such a sweet tooth when I was younger that I started to drink vodka and mixers when I hit the clubs, and that has stuck with me ever since. Of course at the age of 25 my palate has matured, and I’m perfectly happy sipping a Long Island Iced Tea, Mojito, or a good spiced rum.

Yep! That’s me alright.

It’s a surprise then, that I stumbled on this next particular branded video while doing my internet rounds this evening. You should probably turn your speakers up, as the soundtrack is pretty damn good.

Now that’s a lifestyle video done well. Good rum. Good music. Good times.

There’s not much I can say about the video other than it sells the ‘Sailor Jerry’ lifestyle perfectly. It manages to do this much better than some other spirits. I’m looking at you Bacardi, maybe you could learn a trick or two. The spot is loud, fast, and blurry. Just like a night on the spiced rum should be.

I feel the effectiveness is all in the quick paced editing and cracking soundtrack from The Misfits. The quick cut montage approach appeals to my internet warped attention span, and the blistering soundtrack appeals to the fourteen year old in me wondering why I’m not playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on the Playstation every second of every day. The imagery contained within calls out to my live music obsessed side, and after looking up just who has played outside the store in Philly, I’m sort of jealous I’ve never had a chance to attend one. There’s nothing like a good punk show to raise the spirits of anyone down in the dumps.

Overall, it’s a video that has managed to capture my attention, and has been replayed at least fifteen times so far. In today’s world, in which I am sitting at a computer with 8 tabs open and trying to use seven different computer programs, all the while simultaneously using my smart phone and giving my time to write a blog post, that’s something special. That’s something very special indeed.

Now be gone with you. I’m going to try and jump off my couch onto a beanbag. That’s sort of like stage diving right?

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Samsung Mobile – It’s Still Got A Pen, But At Least This Time It’s Patriotic.

I think we all remember how I felt about Samsung Mobile and their ridiculously over the top advertisement and brilliant USP of “pen”. Of course, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should mosey on over to a previous post, and have a read.

Unfortunately for me, Samsung have again reared their heads with a new internet only spot featuring their magical phone with a pen, and once again, it’s celebrity endorsed.

Bloody hell he’s a handsome man.

Now Samsung, let me make this painfully clear. This is how you should have advertised your phone in the first place! It’s creative, it’s clever, and it’s easily rewatchable. Less “hey look we have a pen! Take that Iphone”, and much more “Isn’t this entertaining. By the way, this product brought it to you!” I did notice they managed to sneak some useless pen-usage in there, but at least that wasn’t the whole crux of the advert. I wonder if Samsung were annoyed that Beckham took the picture using his finger and not their magical USP?

Want to know something that’s doubley amazing? This entire advert was shot in two hours due to Beckham’s availability! Of course, post-processing played a key part in the whole effort, as it’s painfully obvious Becks couldn’t actually play the entire song with keepy-uppies, but that shouldn’t take away from the sheer joy brought by viewing the ad.

It pains me to say it, but well done Samsung. You’ve managed to recover in my eyes after the travesty of your Super Bowl advert, but rest assured, I’ll be on ‘pen-watch’ whenever your product name is mentioned. It’s not a USP; it’s a fucking pen.

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Everybody Dance, Sort Of Nowish

Just a quick one today featuring an ad with a heavy focus on music again. Let’s take a look.

I know, I know, it’s a fat man dancing really badly to a great music track, but the idea and delivery actually makes the advert watchable. It’s a lovely and unique way of selling the ‘extra’ hour that using Europcar gives you. I’m genuinely interested as to what the next ad in the series is going to be. The brief “what can you do with an hour” is so vastly open ended that anything could fill the forty five seconds of air time before your new car arrives. It can be anything! Want to make it dirty? Some guy absolutely ploughs his wife for an hour. Want to make it interesting? Some woman builds a replica of her car in lego, or the front room or something. I don’t know, they’re rubbish ideas I know, but the possibilities are endless!

It also helps that the advert has a belting soundtrack in Gonna Make You Sweat. Just for you, I’ve linked the video below! Try not to jig for the video and I’ll give you a lolly or something. It’s a classic 90s track and I can remember playing it over and over again on my parents stereo when I must have been about four. I’ve always wondered if music can make an advert, and I actually looked at it once before here. Clickity Click. That post was a much more detailed look at soundtracks in advertising, and probably much more coherent. Any way, you’ll have to excuse me, as it’s time for me to lose sound pounds and learn some dance moves.

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It’s Just Been One Of Those Days

You know, one of those days. The ones when you don’t want to wake up. Everything is ballsed up, and everybody annoys you for some reason. I don’t really know why, but I’m trying to justify nagging someone’s face off. I don’t want to speak to anyone, because if you try and talk to me I’ll probably shout at you. Your best best is just to stay away from me, purely because it’s been one of those days.

Today’s been all about the bitching. The ‘he says’, ‘she says’ nonsense. In all honesty, I think you should stop letting secrets out, or God help me you’ll be leaving with a sore ear after I’ve given you a good talking to. Today really has been all about the bitching and this ‘he says’, ‘she says’ rubbish. I do wish you’d stop saying bad things, or we’ll have it right out in the form of a heated discussion.

It’s been one of those days, feeling like a runaway bus, and the first one to whine at me, will be wondering why they’re getting this mean look of mine. Yep, I’m a bit on edge today, so you better walk carefully on eggshells around me, because I’m not in a good mood at all. And the thing is, if you’re going to antagonise me, then that’s a silly idea, as I’m just going to go all passive aggressive on you, and not hold doors open for you. Your best bet is to really stay away, because it truly has been one of those days.

Today has been absolutely full of whinging. This ‘he says’, ‘she says’ drivel. I think you stop having a go at me, or I’ll leave you a mean comment on your Bebo page. Today is getting old you see, as everyone’s been having a right moan at me. It’s been all ‘he said’, ‘but she said’ baloney, and I really wish you’d stop with this nonsense, or by Jove, I might very well have to bop you on the nose.

I hope you know I’ve packed my iPhone. My Twitter ‘@’s will make you groan. And if my day keeps going this way I just might do something mean tonight. I’ve packed my iPhone, my ‘@’s will hit you right at home, and if my day keeps going this way I just might, do something horrible tonight. I hope you know I’ve packed my iPhone. You’ll be put into the unfollow zone, and if my days keeps going this way I just might; delete you as a friend on Facebook tonight!

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Adidas Is Literally All In

I’m ill. Again. I can’t post a full entry, but are you ready to be blown away? I thought so.

Wow. I’ll do an entry on Adidas tomorrow, or when I’m feeling better, but just wow. I can’t wait for the new Justice album either. Here’s hoping to a Parklife Headline slot!

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And They All Go Hand In Hand…

I dropped upwards of £170 on concert tickets today. I’d be upset, but I’ve realised it’s going to be the best weekend pretty much ever. On June 11th and 12th I’ll be heading to Parklife in Platt Fields park in Manchester. Amazingly, Parklife is a festival on my door step. Granted, I won’t be as close to the park as last year when I literally crossed the road to go home, but it’s still closer than a trip to Leeds. The line up is a mixture of electro, dance, hip-hop and indie. Take a look for yourself.

It’s going to fucking SLAY EVERYTHING.

I only have one gripe. There will be a four way headliner clash. Who on earth do I go and watch?! Dj Shadow, 2ManyDJs, Mystery Jets or Grandmaster Flash! Four absolute favourites of mine, and four groups/people I’d gnaw my right arm off to watch. It’s okay though, as I have exactly ninety two days to decide. Here’s a mix that will get you in the mood for the Parklife festival if you intend to come. I’ll be there, and you should be too.

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Here’s A Nonsensical Post About Bad Music

Don’t you just love it when you’re trying to rack your brains for the answer to a question, and after hours, your brain suddenly kicks into gear and wins life for you? I know I certainly do, and that’s exactly what I’ve been celebrating for the past twenty minutes or so. This entry comes with a warning though. These embedded youtube videos contain music of questionable taste. They’re both quite loud, and you must bear in mind that I listened to them in 2003. That’s eight years ago. Wow. 2003 was eight years ago! I was fifteen at the time, so cut me some slack.

Basically, I was trying to remember a song by a band named Saosin that was released onto a compilation that I could not for the life of me remember the name of. Well, after pummelling my brain in the hope I’d remember, a few words popped into my brain, and I headed immediately Google. What a lovely thing the internet is! I spent twenty minutes smashing keys in a random order in the hope of finding an answer, and thanks to the internet, I finally did! If that’s not what this god forsaken mess of linked computers, tits, and wounds was invented for, then I don’t know what it’s for.

Enjoy these two songs that I’m going to post, or don’t, I’m not fussed! I’d just like to thank the internet for existing, and giving me the chance to relive bad memories, like bad music, bad haircuts, bad facewhore profiles, but sometimes, just occasionally, great times in my life. Thanks internet. Thinternet.

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Doth The Song Make The Ad: Part One

This is a question I always seem to ask my self when I see an advert with a nice soundtrack; Do I like this advert because it’s genuinely good, do I like it because it has a brilliant soundtrack, or do I like it because the art direction, copy writing, and soundtrack compliment each other brilliantly?

In a slight variation to my ‘I like this ad’ posts, I’ll be showing you an advert (today it’s one that actually does belong on my ‘favourites’ list) with a cracking sound track, and I’ll be trying to work out if it’s watchable because it’s good, or if it’s watchable just because it’s nice on the ears. Let’s take a look shall we?

Well, I sort of mislead you there, because I know for a fact that this advert is awesome. It just so happens to have an absolutely stunning backing track too. It is of course, Audi’s R8 ‘The Slowest Car We’ve Ever Built’ TV ad by the agency, BBH.

There’s a few things that I really like about this ad, and I’d find it hard to understand why someone might not like it. The actual strategy behind the advert is fantastic. It’s something I sat opened mouth at, with the ‘damn, that’s bloody clever isn’t it’ though swimming around in my brain. ‘The slowest car we’ve ever built’. It’s just lovely isn’t it! It really sells the ‘handmade’ aspect of the car. With a quick Google I found out that 70 select engineers fit 5,000+ parts together individually, one by one, and can only turn over twenty five R8’s a day. That’s a press ad right there. It’s just a brilliant fact, and one that obviously inspired BBH to come up with that particular tag line.

The line works so brilliantly because it’s not trying to reference the car it self as slow, but rather that it’s the slowest car (the one that takes the longest to build because they labour over it so much) Audi have ever made. I may be explaining some basic English there, but you’d be amazed at how many people on youtube thought the tag line was misleading, and that it meant the R8 was genuinely the slowest car Audi have ever made. Sometimes I feel advertising is lost on those without a basic level of intelligence.

So we’ve already established that the strategy is slap-yourself-in-the-forehead-for-not-thinking-of-it-first brilliant, but it also helps that the ad is visually stunning. The camera work is faultless, and really adds to the feeling of the painstakingly meticulous workings of the engineers who put this car together. While the engineers in the ad are nothing but blurs, they still have some essence of ‘slowness’ about them because of the image dragging. Slowness is of course the wrong word to use in this context, but they’re obviously taking an insane amount of time to make sure each car is beautifully made, and it’s hard to find a word to describe it another way.

Then we come to the soundtrack. Another great ‘youtube debate’. Beep Beep by Simone White. It’s soft, it’s a little twee, has a lovely slow pace, and the artist mentions horns, cars and time. There’s nothing more you could ask for really! Granted it might be a bit cutesy, but Victoria used to wander around singing the song for days after watching the advert. It was an ad that she’d happily leave on. I would gush over how ball breakingly brilliant it was, and she got to listen to a nice song, and watch a beautifully shot advert. Definitely a win/win situation!

Obviously for my first entry in ‘Doth the song make the ad’, I appear to have chosen an all round great ad, but if you watch some of the re-scores on youtube, the advert falls apart;

The reason for this is quite obviously. The song chosen by BBH to accompany this ad lends it self brilliantly to the ‘hand-made’ aspect of the campaign. As I’ve stated the song is rather slow yet upbeat, and is made of a simple structure (metronome to acoustic guitar picking, accompanied by a lovely, yet a little husky, female voice), which makes it sound different from the average ‘pop’ song that’s been filtered through auto tune a couple of hundred times. It sounds like it’s the labour of love by the artist to perfectly hit every note, and reiterate her thoughts and feelings through repetition in the lyrics. It sounds, ‘handmade’, so to speak. It’s as if Simone White has spent as much time crafting her song as the engineers have spent putting the Audi R8 together, and for that reason I can conclude that while the song alone didn’t make the advert, it was actually an integral part to this campaign.

So, after all of that, doth the song make the ad? Yes and no really. It’s not the only reason the ad works, but it’s certainly important in the overall execution. I definitely don’t think the ad would have the same effect without Simone White’s ‘Beep Beep’, but would the ad work with another equally soft and twee backing track? Yes, it probably would, but it was Simone’s song that was chosen, not some one else’s. It’s an open ended discussion, but it’s a discussion for another day. Beep Beep works beautifully, and I’m quite happy to leave it at that.

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