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Slavery Has Evolved


DC Shoes – Gymkhana

I wasn’t going to post today, and yes, I realise that since my triumphant return quite a few of my entries have been based on entertainment shrouded in sponsorship rather than straight up advertisements, but I think you’ll find that three years ago I predicted that this might happen. That’s why today I am again bringing you another rather lengthy video clip that should shock, amaze, and inspire.

Brought to you by DC (one of my favourite skate brands might I add), this video, quickly becoming a viral sensation, is a modern day retelling of Bullitt… but, without the chase.

What we have here is a perfect promotional video. A brand known for their participation in extreme sports, lends their name (and money) to something truly amazing. The result? Over 400,000 hits in a day, and there’s still 6 hours left. This video will bring DC shoes more exposure than any billboard, press ad or TV commercial could. It’ll be talked, written, and blogged about for at least the next two months solid. It’s virally charged internet gold; front page news on Reddit, 4chan, MSN, and of course the most important of all, right here. Heck, I have a feeling it’ll even make the news as an ‘And Finally’ piece.

The kicker in all of this? In 9 minutes and 52 seconds, only 2 seconds are spent advertising a facebook website for DC… Not even a link back to their own website. A missed opportunity some may say, but I think the approach is perfect. Wearers and lovers of the DC brand will forever be excited to have been part of DC history, regaling new fans of stories for the previous Gymkhana videos and achievements captured by the brand, while new fans of the video will remember DC as ‘that one who sponsored Ken Block in a race around San Francisco. You know, the one with the video we saw on youtube’.

It’s a win-win situation for the brand. Providing interesting content for old fans; “hey, you know what we do, so have some more”, and captivating new fans; “this is what we do, so come and be a part of it”.

Mass exposure might not always equal sales… but in this case, I’m sure it’ll help.

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Vans – Since ’66

Here we have a very inspirational short on my favourite footwear brand. A short and concise history of Vans.

“It was never about waving around the brand like a flag. It was always about the people” – Paul Van Doren

If only other companies worked like that. I’m sure I’ll be bringing back at least 3 pairs of Vans when I head Stateside in less than three weeks. For now, I’ll just rewatch.

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The Copywriter Versus The Art Director

It’s the age old question? Who would win in a fight? Which one takes more skill? Who makes the most money? Most importantly, who gets the most girls?!

Some clever sod has decided to create pieces of artwork depicting the never ending struggle of words over images. I’m going to hazard a guess that the creator is an art director, albeit an almost neutral one.

Ah the easy life of a copy writer.

While the images may scream stereotypes, the pen+pad over the tablet, and the brain over the hands certainly rings true. I’m just waiting for the pen vs pencil and it’ll be a triple hit. You should give the guys that made these a like on Facebook, they certainly deserve it;

Copywriters Vs Art Directors on Facebook

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