An Introduction

This is where I should probably tell you about myself, so here’s the long story, but you know, short;

I’m a twenty three (turning twenty four in may) year old Design And Art Direction graduate with a passion for all things advertising, and all things video games.

For the unforeseeable future I shall be writing at least one entry a week on a vast array of subjects, but I’m hoping at least fifty percent will revolve around advertising.

I will be writing my entries backed by the rest of the One A Day bunch, and you’ll be able to read their murmurings over at the One A Day Project hub.

This is of course, all for a good cause, and if you end up reading my entries and enjoying yourself/find yourself seething with rage, please take the time to whack a few quid through our Just Giving page; Clicky Clicky, Givey Givey.

Thanks for reading, and if you enjoyed what you’ve seen so far, you might enjoy my C.V too. Hint hint. Give me a job. Ciaran Watkins’ CV


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