Flame Sax, Flex & Danger – Old Spice

Oh dear God, I knew Old Spice adverts were good, but when did they get this good?! I honestly don’t think I’ve laughed this hard at an advert before. It was the eye contact during “Flame sax”, and out of breath “Danger!” that got me. Genuine tears.

The amazing thing about this advert, you know, apart from it being hilarious, brilliantly done, genuinely funny, and incredibly creative? It’s interactive. It’s INTER-BLOODY-ACTIVE. That’s right, you can press buttons, and stuff actually happens. INTERNET. You can record your own little breakdown and share it for all your friends to see. Why on earth you’d want to do that when the original is flawless no one knows, but it all fits in together perfectly. Sites like Reddit will eat this up; advertising done well, advertising that’s shareable, and advertising that includes the viewer. They’re playing with something tied to the product. It’s genius.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make a half naked black man shout the words “sausages” and “internet” in quick succession. Then I’m going to make him play a flame sax. Marvellous.


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