Split Screen Is The New Nostalgia: Part One

In a rather elegantly filmed 41 second short, the WWF (the guys that like animals, not the sweaty guys in tights) are trying to insinuate that we are all connected. Animals and humans that is.

The execution is incredibly simple. The WWF have taken pre-existing footage of animals going about their daily lives; swimming, sleeping, having a wander… blinking. Then they’ve refilmed and choreographed the exact same footage, but with human beings in place of the animals; cycling, sleeping, having a wander…blinking. It’s a bit cutesy, but the ad manages to pull the heart strings in the correct direction. You’d have to be stone hearted to not be upset for little Marcel holding his head in his hands as he watches his habitat burn.

Sorry, I’m being a bit insincere, but it’s all a guise to stop me from gushing at the fact this advert is actually damn good at what it’s trying to achieve. Sure it has the same message as any other appeal advert, but at least it’s shot to make it look nothing like an appeal advert. It’s artistic, it’s clever, it’s nicely choreographed and framed, and it’s already had me click through twice. Of course both of those times my Adobe flash plug-in crashed, but one day it’ll load the website.

While we certainly share the planet earth, and we are almost definitely connected, I bet a tiger has never had to CTRL+ALT+ESC his way out of a crashed Firefox. Lucky bastards.

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