A Crash Course To Looking Your Best

So I’m usually quick to think of a witty title when it comes to blog posts, but this one was incredibly hard to work one out for. I always have that problem when the subject matter I’m writing about isn’t easily dismissed or flippantly abused using the perfect internet tough-guy persona, but this time both videos are powerful in equally different ways. While the crux of each video is unrelated, they both employ the most innocent of guises; the Youtube style Make Up Tutorial.

‘A Crash Course To Shine’

For anyone familiar with advertising, I’m sure you’ll be aware that this isn’t the first time that the viral approach has been taken in relation to car safety. One of the most effective public service announcements of the past ten years took to Youtube in early 2010, and for my knowledge, has never been topped; Embrace Life.

This short in question is a stroke of genius, and will hopefully make the younger generation at least aware of some basic dos and don’ts of road safety, even if they’re seemingly obvious to us. Let’s face it, if you’re a seventeen year old subscriber to NikkieTutorials, why on earth would you watch a public service announcement on the importance of being aware when driving? You wouldn’t. However, ‘A Crash Course To Shine’ is presented in such a manner that it fools even the most internet savvy teen into thinking they’re watching the new latest greatest tutorial, only to be shocked into seeing something much more important. It becomes unforgettable. It becomes real, and hopefully that means the message will be remembered.

‘How To Look Your Best The Morning After’

Sorry about that. I should have included a little ‘hard to watch’ warning. No one likes to watch videos about domestic violence, especially when they look so damn real.

Again, presented as a seemingly innocent make up tutorial, this viral video depicts a beaten woman trying to give hints and tips on how to cover up their bruises and scars. It was hard for me to get to the end of the video, and hopefully it will be for a lot of people as I’m sure that’s the point. While the ‘production value’ of this short isn’t as good as the previous, the copy and strategy is absolutely spot on. I don’t want to go on and on about how it should be easy to talk to someone, because I’ve obviously never been in that position before, but if videos like this one being shared worldwide even make one person step forward, then they’ve done their job.

Now, after looking at these two very similar and equally different shorts, I have to ask this question; Is this a trend that we’ll be seeing more of in the not so distant future? Videos masquerading as the ordinary only to switch at the click of a finger to push an important agenda? I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of the innocent Youtube video spiked with a much deeper message, as they’re a brilliant way for people who may not understand, or may not want to be part of a certain issue to become involved. In fact, what’s so effective about them is that they force the viewer to become involved. It’s impossible not to be.

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