Samsung Mobile – It’s Still Got A Pen, But At Least This Time It’s Patriotic.

I think we all remember how I felt about Samsung Mobile and their ridiculously over the top advertisement and brilliant USP of “pen”. Of course, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should mosey on over to a previous post, and have a read.

Unfortunately for me, Samsung have again reared their heads with a new internet only spot featuring their magical phone with a pen, and once again, it’s celebrity endorsed.

Bloody hell he’s a handsome man.

Now Samsung, let me make this painfully clear. This is how you should have advertised your phone in the first place! It’s creative, it’s clever, and it’s easily rewatchable. Less “hey look we have a pen! Take that Iphone”, and much more “Isn’t this entertaining. By the way, this product brought it to you!” I did notice they managed to sneak some useless pen-usage in there, but at least that wasn’t the whole crux of the advert. I wonder if Samsung were annoyed that Beckham took the picture using his finger and not their magical USP?

Want to know something that’s doubley amazing? This entire advert was shot in two hours due to Beckham’s availability! Of course, post-processing played a key part in the whole effort, as it’s painfully obvious Becks couldn’t actually play the entire song with keepy-uppies, but that shouldn’t take away from the sheer joy brought by viewing the ad.

It pains me to say it, but well done Samsung. You’ve managed to recover in my eyes after the travesty of your Super Bowl advert, but rest assured, I’ll be on ‘pen-watch’ whenever your product name is mentioned. It’s not a USP; it’s a fucking pen.

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