My Name Is Ciaran Watkins, And I’m On Drugs

Do you know what’s really difficult? Writing on Co-codamol. Do you know what’s even more difficult? Staying awake on Co-codamol. It’s a horrible horrible feeling.

Short story long, about two weeks ago I did something to my foot. Something to this day I’m absolutely sure is a fracture, but the Doc insists I’ve got a bad sprain. The left of the middle on the top of my foot hurts whenever I put weight on it, which of course means I can’t actually walk without a funny little limp. It hurts to stand, and sometimes it even hurts to sit. The cure? Rest and drugs. What do I want to be doing? Not resting, and definitely not taking drugs.

Sure enough, on a strong painkiller I lose all sense of who I am/what I’m doing, so any attempt I’ve made to write has ended in either me falling asleep, or me thinking that the GoCompare ads were actually rather amusing. That’s bad. Very bad.

This sense of uselessness has given me a bit of time to take stock, and realise that I’m too precious with content here on this blog of mine. I often go a week without posting something, because I don’t know if it will live up to my own stupidly high expectations. I’ll try to stop that.

I read a really nice article about sketchbooks, unfortunately I can’t remember where, but it opened my eyes! The key points were that you should always draw something, anytime, anywhere. The book shouldn’t be the end, it should be the means to an end; to think of a sketchbook as something to contain ideas, not something that would sit in a gallery. Collect everything and put it in your sketchbook; conversations, images, and inspiration. Straightforward stuff really. Stuff that I should already know what with my 6 years of formal art and design training.

Switch a couple of words around, and I’m staring at a painfully obvious outcome; In a perfect world, this blog is my “sketchbook”, and I should use it as one.

As clichéd as it sounds: write something every day, listen to conversations on the street, observe human interaction and put yourself in other people’s shoes. Sometimes writing can sound a bit too “salesy” because we forget we need to talk to people, not at them. Most of all, have fun! It definitely shows if you’re trying to force creativity, so let loose and let creativity take over.

Marissa Langman – Former D&AD Winner

That’s what I intend to do a bit more, but in all honesty, I’ve been getting off my tits on drugs. Sorry like.

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