Christina Hendricks Is Definitely A Mad Man

I don’t know if you know this, but apparently there are some leaked ‘nude’ pictures of the absolutely stunning Christina Hendricks available online. I’m really not one to fall into the “gottaseegottaseegottasee” mindset when a celebrity has their naked flesh put on show, but damn it man, this is Christina Hendricks we’re talking about! We’re talking all time top of the “top five” list!

The pictures, amazing as they are, are quite tame in terms of nakedness. The only image worth getting into a tizzy about, is a small, blurry shot of her ample bosom. The thing that struck me as odd, is that her face isn’t shown. Obviously meant for private use, that wouldn’t be a problem, but it did get my brain working. My immediate thought was of course, one of quiet contemplation, the same way a young teenage boy would admire his first nude picture of Pamela Anderson, but then it struck me. What if we’re being hustled? What if this is a huge scam, and is actually a way to drum up interest for the upcoming season of Mad Men. Cynical? Maybe. Wrong? Who knows! Makes you think though doesn’t it.

What better way to gain a little publicity than to release “nude pictures” of one of the most attractive women in the world? Those breasts don’t have to be hers, just a well endowed, and of course, well paid model. Sure the world might think they’re looking at Hendricks’ chest, but who are we to really know what we’re looking at? The other shots have been bested by footage from the likes of Firefly, and are only as risqué as those found on sites like Fuck Yeah, Christina Hendricks!

Now of course, this is all a little bit “conspiracy theory”, but with “leaked” photos making celebrities over night (Hi Paris. Remember that time you went to jail?), could a marketing team really be behind something like this? Would Hendricks be okay with it? How much would she have to lose, when there could be so much more to gain? Or is the world really an awful place, and someone has genuinely managed to hack her cellphone and post these pictures from her personal life for all to see?

If you’re looking for the pictures here, I’m flat out refusing to post them for fear of it being the latter, but there will always be that little niggle of doubt in the back of my head when it comes to something like this. I mean, isn’t all publicity, good publicity? It’s not like the pictures are offensive? She’s already on most “top 100 sexy” lists, but what’s the betting she’s a little higher at the end of 2012 when the general public remember that picture of her in a purple corset.

For now, I can only sit back and wonder what the hell happened. We all know celebrities are just like us, but is it really common behaviour to take naked pictures of yourself on your phones? In a world where nothing can ever be secure, where most people have posted their phone numbers, addresses and personal details for the whole word to see, is it really that much different to put your entire physical self out there?

Mr.Cynical, signing off.

P.s – If you ever find my nude pictures, I’m ever so sorry about the tattoo of Lara Croft on my left bum cheek. I thought it was a brilliant idea at the time, but in hindsight… not so much.

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