Dogs; Advertisers Best Friends.

“Never work with animals or children.”

W.C Fields had a point, but I really don’t think the advertising world was listening. Next to people, dogs are more than likely the most used ‘prop’ to sell a product, not cows as I once thought! I’m pretty sure that whenever a creative takes an idea involving some form of animal to a CD, they end up leaving sour-faced and brutalised, but some where, at some time this week, a CD will okay an advert with a dog in it. Man’s best friend? Or should I say; A product’s best friend.

Take for example, this years Super Bowl. Two different products, two different approaches, two different ideas, but only one type of animal. Which one is your favourite?

It’s rather obvious to me which one is the better advert, but what did you all think? I bet you went with the one that doesn’t treat the dog as a glorified slave. The surprising difference between the two, is that somehow, Bud Light ‘Here We Go’ is supposed to be advertising not only their beer, but also the fact that you should rescue dogs. For starters, rescue dogs from where? The streets? Pounds? Your neighbours? The advert is quite clearly not backed by any reputable dog based charity, but in a short space of time, who’s going to care? Which genius creative thought that would be a good idea? How long are we going to have to wait until we see a newspaper article featuring a dog that choked to death on a beer bottle, trying to bring it to his master?!

Sorry, I went a bit Daily Mail there! Sure, it’s all in good heart and humour, but would the advert have run if the dog was replaced by an adopted child? Didn’t think so. Facetiousness aside, I just prefer the Doritos ad. It’s just… funnier. The final pay off is much better. What on earth is the final pay off to the Bud Light ad? A dog on a lilo? Hilarious. This Doritos dog done killed a cat, and is bribing some dude with a bag of CRISPS! I wonder if the gentleman in question would find a cats head in his bed if he told on the dog? Mind you, that thing’s fucking massive. I know I wouldn’t be dobbing him in crisps or no crisps.

Any way, I’m sure it won’t be too long before the next dog based advert is shown to the masses, but I do hope it’s something better than Bud Light’s attempt. What upsets me most is that the general public voted Bud Light’s advert higher than it did Dorito’s. They’re a weird bunch aren’t they. I wonder if they’re the same people who complained about this ad because “the dog looked a little scared”.

Yeah, get him to bring me a beer and become my friend’s and my free waiter. That’ll cheer him up no end. Of course he’ll be fed…. if he doesn’t drop the bottle again.

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