Samsung Mobile – I Believe In A Thing Called Badvertising

“Hey, I’ve got this brilliant idea to sell your new touch screen device.”

“That’s good! We’re doing quite well in the android market at the moment, but those pesky Apple products keeps selling themselves.”

“Well, with my idea, you’ll have customers quite literally dancing in the street with joy!”

“I’m liking it so far, hit me!”

“Wait, that’s not even the best part. This idea won’t only get you new customers, it’s going to tear loyal Apple customers away from their queues and rolling into shops all over the country to buy your product.”

“Wow! That sounds great!?! Come on already, tell me the idea.”

“Right. Okay. You know how the iPhone is touchscreen?”


“And you know how the iPad is touchscreen?”

“Yes, of course I do!”

“And you know how we’re also touchscreen?”

“… Yeah?”

“Right… Sorry, this is brilliant… We’re going to use..”

“Oh dear God this sounds good.”

“We’re going to use…”

“Yes.. YES?!?!”

“… a pen.”

“… wat?”

“A pen!”

“Seriously? That’s your idea?”

“No, think about it! All those people dirtying their phone with their fingers, I bet they’re bored as hell of cleaning the damn thing! All they need is a pen!!!”

“… You’re fired”

“… but, a pen!”

“… Please get out of my office.”

“NO. WAIT. THAT’S NOT ALL OF MY IDEA. Get this. After we show them the pen… some.. uh.. crazy shit happens!”

“Crazy shit you say?”

“Yeah… like some band plays in the stree.. THE DARKNESS plays in the street”

“Oh man, I love The Darkness!”

“Yeah, then they’ll dance or something.. and the crowd will get all over excited.. we can have a famous person SIGN something with the new pen.. and then umm.. YEAH… we’ll call them all a bunch of dicks for liking Apple products!”

“… well, that’s a bit mu-“

“Stupid pricks for buying Apple products. THAT’LL TEACH MY WIFE FOR FUCKING THAT GENIUS GUY. This is going to be great! I’ll get started right away!!!”

“Well, it’s not really been okayed by the bo-“


“Hey.. wait a minu”


“…. shit.”

When you decide your main USP is a pen, you should go straight back to the drawing board. Idiots. The lot of them. The only sane person in this entire advert was the dude who rolled his eyes and said “that was over the top”… It was.

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One thought on “Samsung Mobile – I Believe In A Thing Called Badvertising

  1. […] I think we all remember how I felt about Samsung Mobile and their ridiculously over the top advertisement and brilliant USP of “pen”. Of course, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should mosey on over to a previous post, and have a read. […]

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