Audi – Vampie Party

I love Audi advertising. It’s brilliant. They’ve actually made quite a few of my favourite commercials of all time, and last year’s Super Bowl was no different. Audi soared straight in at number three of my ‘top five’ list with a fantastic one minute number about a prison break in a rather strange location, and you can read my thoughts about it here.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

60 second advert; $7 million dollars.

There you have it. A one minute vampire romp advertising some new style of headlights. I don’t really know where to get started with this one, as I’m in two minds as to whether or not I loved it, or loathed it.

This advert is all style. It’s sixty seconds of art direction beauty! Like last years outing, the attention to detail is incredible! It’s an advert you’ll have to re-watch to get every little vampire joke, as the shots move pretty quickly. There’s the two lovely ladies sucking blood out of plastic filled blood packs as if they were Capri Suns, the O+ blood box that our protagonist is bringing to the party in his swish new car, the cracking little “Oh, hey! *pooft* moment which comes down to great comedy timing in the script, and finally, my favourite moment, the ‘hipster’ vampire leaning nonchalantly against a tree adjusting his super cool hip and retro cape. It’s all there! What more could any self respecting vampire want or need? It could have only been topped if the vampires were roasting garlic over the bonfire instead of marshmallows.

I should be singing Audi’s praise right now, but even after enjoying the amount of effort put into the art direction, I’m still left feeling a little deflated. It’s just, well, aren’t vampires a little bit… over done? A few years too old? If this advert were aired four years ago, I’d be talking about it today as the best thing since bagged blood, but in 2012, I really think vampires have been in the spotlight a little too much! In my quest for originality and wonderment, why should I be blown away by ideas that have been lifted from pop culture that’s been going strong for at least five years now?

Vampires are bloody everywhere if you think about it; Twilight. The first one that comes to mind, both book (2005) and film (2008), heralded by teenage girls the world over as the new coming, and featuring some ridiculously sparkly 2000 year old vampires fancying high-school girls. True Blood. The adult version of Twilight, first airing in 2008, bringing blood, guts and a whole lot of vampire sex to television sets everywhere. It’s actually not bad if you watch it, but I still think it’s a little over the top. Vampire Diaries. First airing in 2009, and again assumed to be riding the “vampire” craze.

These three mainstays in the entertainment world featuring vampires have come to life in the past five years, so what I don’t understand is why now? Why 2012?! Maybe I’m being ridiculous, crapping on an advert for being unoriginal, but the way I see it, advertising is supposed to be at the forefront of trends, not riding an already breaking wave of teenage blood lust. The creatives could have flipped it around completely and had Sarah Michelle Gellar driving the car, and at least you’d be making a reference to the first lass that made vampires ‘hip’ again (sorry Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. I had her poster on my wall, not yours), but I’m sure if that were true, I’d be ragging on the damn thing for relying on nostalgia.

I guess it’s getting harder and harder to please me, and maybe my hopes were too high going into the Super Bowl. I’m sure if I just sit back and actually enjoy what I’m watching I’d feel different, but I don’t think that’s as fun as over analysing every single detail. Basically, this advert looks great, plays great, and I’m sure millions of people loved it. I didn’t, because I’m a grumpy bastard who thinks the vampire ‘trend’ is congealing, and it’s only a matter of time before the general public moves onto something else. Like mummies. I’m calling it now; Andrex, mummies, and that tiny little dog. Think of the hilarity.

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