The Super Bowl 2012 – Apparently There Was A Football Game Too?

What a game. I mean really, what a game. I was absolutely devastated that the Patriots managed to throw it away in the fourth quarter again, even after what happened back in 2008, but my own personal grievances ruined nothing about this fantastic game of football!

It had it all; dropped passes, sacks, blitzes, more sacks, a stupid safety, Hakeem Nicks being a boss, and Wes Welker being the opposite of a boss. The NFL were even kind enough to let someone’s grandma on at half time to do a little dance. Sure, you could hear her joints creaking as she moved, but I’m sure she enjoyed her little outing from the nursing home. A tremendous spectacle, and I’m sure the millions of viewers couldn’t have asked for anything more. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get on with the fun part about the Super Bowl. The adverts!

Did you know that a mere thirty seconds of airtime during this Super Bowl cost on average, three and a half million dollars? I just need to break that down for a second, in bigger and bolder text, because I can.

The average 30 second Super Bowl advert in 2012 cost $3.5 million dollars. If you’re not good with maths, that’s $11,666 per second. PER SECOND.

A one minute advert during the Super Bowl costed, on average, $7 million dollars

The two minute Chrysler epic during half time would have cost around $14 million dollars. For air time alone.

That’s more money than I’ll make in my fucking lifetime. The mind boggles, it truly does.For that kind of money, you should be expecting some big results, but as with every Super Bowl, there were some stone cold ‘Touchdowns’ (get it, the American Football reference?), and some God awful fumbles (hey look, two for two! I’m on a roll). For the next, um, however long I feel like writing about them, I shall be bringing you my favourite adverts, my least favourite, and a few that even if I didn’t like, I think you should see. Get excited.

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