Lynx – Unleash The Chaos

Ah, I do love quick entries, and that’s exactly what I’ll be bringing you today!

Not only will this entry be quick, but it’s also the first time in a fair few entries (one) that I’ll be positive about an advert. Today is dedicated to those lovely people at BBH London, for this fantastic little piece of big screen wonderment.

Well golly. Wasn’t that fun? Even if it’s in a ‘guilty pleasure’ kind of way!

Lynx advertising has been bang on the money for quite a few years now, and with this most recent outing, the folks at BBH London have whittled the target audience down to a tee. Basically, Lynx is a “fragrance” for early to late male teens. Nothing more, nothing less. Males of that age like a few things but most notably; girls, boobs, stuff the blows up, and the possibility of touching both girls, and boobs at the same time as seeing something that blows up. Ask a sixteen year old boy if he wants to look at boobs or play Call Of Duty, and I’m pretty sure he’ll ask you if he can do both at once. How do I know this exactly? Because, a few years ago, I was one.

The hormone teasing concoction of quick flashing lights, loud noises and killer hotties will easily attract the attention of a hot blooded teenage male, and BANG, there’s a sale right there. It’s the classic lifestyle sell of, ‘if I use this product, maybe I’ll be able to snag me one of those models in the ad’, but unfortunately for them, it won’t work. In the long run, that doesn’t really matter, as Lynx smells vaguely like something that isn’t ‘teenage boy’, and it’ll cover up the smell of sweat after an afternoon’s PE lesson, and isn’t that all they need? As for this ad working to sell Lynx to women? Well, I don’t really think it does. Do you?

There is one downside to this campaign, aside from Lynx creating a deodorant for ladies which I can only see being bought as a last minute valentines gift from a spotty teenager, and that’s the fact that I won’t be able to see this advert on television any more.

As much as I liked the original ‘Angels Will Fall’ TV spot, this ad was the icing on the cake. Why? Well He’s dating an Angel and hilarity most definitely ensues! Poifect. Oh, she’s also an absolute mega babe, but that’s probably un-PC or something.

For now, I’ll leave you with a few Youtube comments about Lynx, just to show how on the money BBH are with the target audience. I especially like the last one. Enjoy!

Lynx – The only thing I use to cover up the smell of semen in my room -EpicChickenMan

i think i may need a new pair of underwear – UberExile

this guy…is so lucky. i too am so fed up with our earth women with all their nagging and feminista stuff. -dreddlux

I’d love a wing-wank off her. – bewilderedkettle

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