LG – The World’s Smartest Criminal

There’s times when I see something in the advertising world, and it makes me feel like a right lemon. Usually because the idea is so obvious, I’m mad I didn’t have it first, but this time it’s different. This time someone has taken (obviously not taken, but you know, shut up) one idea that I had when working with Rob Barton, and turned it into something so much better… The bastards.

Let me show you my idea first. It’s been sitting in my book for a while as a ‘one off’ press ad, and thats’s where I’ve just snapped a quick picture. Firstly, “a one off” I hear none of you screaming? Yes! Just that. I’ve been told on multiple occasions that it’s always nice, at the end of a portfolio, to show some little thoughts that might not stretch to a full campaign, but work rather well on their own.

Did you get it? No? Well, you see, ’cause it’s such a thin 3DTV, it’s actually a 2D-3DTV. HA. Seriously. Hire me.

Anyway, what did I see that made me sneer at my own creation with all of the disappointment of a Father who’s just been told his son got a fifteen year old girl pregnant? This;

What a cracking idea for pretty much the exact same product. 4 million hits and counting!! It takes my idea one step further, and with that, makes it one step (many many more steps) better.

There’s two things I really like about this video. The first is that there’s absolutely no sound. It’s technically a tiny silent movie! This means that a viewer will pay much more attention to the odd events they’re seeing on screen, as they’ve been left without one of their sense to rely on. The second, and obviously more important detail, is the repeat view factor. I had no idea what was going on the first time I saw this spot, and although I understood the clever little pay-off, I immediately watched the video again to try and fully understand what was going on. I paused the screen at various times to see if I could actually notice the TV under his arm, or if it wasn’t there in the first place. If I did this, it’s obvious that others will have done the same thing, not only increasing the view count, but increasing the possibility for the potential viral repost. All in all, it’s pretty damn good!

Maybe I need to go back through my portfolio with a fresh set of eyes, and see if I can push my ideas to a next level. Who knows, maybe I’ll come up with something as clever as this.

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