Durex – Get A Cucumber Down You

It’s hard to be inspired after an eight hour day at work selling ten pounds worth of shoes to people who then ask for student discount on top. There’s not much time left in the day. Take into account that once I’ve finished work at eight, wolfed down my tea, tried to spend time with that lovely girlfriend of mine, it’s pretty much time for bed. Where do I fit in a good bit of catching up with the advertising world, let alone the real world itself? Well, now, obviously, but that’s beside the point.

I’ve got my sources when it comes to finding a cracking bit of televisual, or digital advertising to wow you all with, but they came up a little dry today. Instead I’ll be bringing you a gag inducing TV spot for Durex which I spotted on the old book of faces (cheers Pete!). Eeee we’re a liberal bunch nowadays aren’t we? Back in the day, I’m absolutely sure that somewhere in my life, someone (possibly Ken Davies) told me never to advertise condoms or sex toys, as “When have you ever seen a condom advert on the telly?”. I digress. Please feel free to direct your vomit straight through the internet and onto my floor. I probably deserve it.

Yep, it’s a good three years old, but it’s still fucking disgusting. Bloody good sales pitch though! Certainly makes you think about.. stuff or something. I suppose the advert, aside from emulating the gross-out comedy of the American Pie films, is trying to let viewers know that it’s okay to buy a vibrator, that it’s okay to be open about this kind of stuff! Durex already has major shelf space in Boots and other large supermarket chains, and I’m pretty sure there are sections of Ann Summers that would make me blush, so we as a viewing public should be safe in the knowledge that one doesn’t need to reach for the vegetables section of the fridge whenever the horn monster approaches; just pop down to the supermarket.

Aside from having the biggest shelf space in the UK, Durex are also one of the main brands actively pushing safe sex into the advertising mainstream, and that’s definitely a good thing. Durex, I applaud you, and also this creation, because it’s almost as hilarious as the cucumber incident. Enjoy, and remember to wrap your rascal TWO times so it’s joyless and without sensation, as a way of punishing supermodels.

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One thought on “Durex – Get A Cucumber Down You

  1. Theosingha says:

    I read this whilst eating my breakfast. The perfect accompaniment to coffee and cereal.

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