LG Vacuum Cleaners – Suck It Up

Products and services are popular for a reason; they’re usually the best at what they do. If I need a search engine, I’m going to use Google. If I want a soft drink, I’m going to choose a Diet Coke. If I need a new camera, I’ll head straight to Canon… If I’m in dire need of a new hoover, I’ll sure as hell want a Dyson.

How would you get me to change my mind, or more importantly, how would I as an advertising creative, change my own mind. The answer is quite simple really, I’d try to prove that another other brand is better than the one I currently use, and that’s exactly what the folks at George Patterson Y&R Sydney have tried to do with a new branded vacuum cleaner.

It’s a clever little idea to promote something so dross, and a great video to post on Youtube in the hope avid viewers get the viral ball rolling. Whether it’s going to get national air time is another question, but seeing as Australia aired the mass fuck up that was the Libra Tampons commercial, I’m sure it’ll be seen by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Aside from the clever little creative idea, the advert calls out Dyson by name, and attacks their range of vacuums on the power of their suction. Brave really, but if you’re fighting for a share of a one sided market, it’s probably what’s needed. The problem that this particular advert is causing, is that in mentioning Dyson by name the exact same amount of times as they mention their own brand, then even going so far as to highlight the Dyson name in brighter text than their own product name, customers are becoming confused with which brand this advert is selling.

Most viewers will watch the video for the twenty five second joke, and switch off for the five second sales pitch. As Dyson is the better known brand in the vacuum business, even in saying “hey, we’re better than these guys”, Dyson is the brand viewers are going to remember after the ad finishes. Case in point? The youtube video is actually called “Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Commercial“. The advert is not for Dyson. It was never for Dyson.

Here’s a little test. Can you tell me what brand the advert is selling without scrolling up? I didn’t think so. I’ve typed Dyson so many times I think I’ve forgotten myself.

Now I’m sure the agency is thrilled with all of the Youtube views and positive press the advert is getting, and rightly so as it’s an entertaining little short, but will there actually be any follow through for LG in positive sales figures? How do they feel that their amazing little advert is being mistaken for that of a rival company? If I were Dyson, I would be sending George Patterson Y&R Sydney a lovely little thank you letter for all the free press, and if I were LG, I’d be sure as hell trying to make customers realise that they were the ones behind this giggle inducing advert. The advertising industry sure does suck sometimes. Arf.

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