May The Furs Be With You

Apologies for the title. I plan to kill myself later.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s almost time. That’s right, it’s coming in quick, and it’s coming in fast. If you know me personally, there’s only a few things that get me this excited; a new Uncharted release, the Wonder Years touring the UK, a chance to spin disc at a Pop Bubble Rock, and this little event. You guessed it! The Super Bowl is almost upon us. I’m not going to pretend this is an essay and explain from the ground up, as I’m sure you already know that the Super Bowl is pretty much a big fucking deal in the American, and also the worldwide, advertising market

Just like last year, I’ll be covering the entire ordeal, and trying not to ruin any of the surprises by banning myself from the internet the day before the big show. Hopefully I’ll be working, or drunk, but either way I don’t want to ruin the fun.

Unluckily (and luckily) for me, the advertising agencies have already started their pre-game taster show, and have begun to light up the internet with tiny morsels of advertising goodness. I was pointed at this little number by a namesake of mine, which immediately whet my whistle for the upcoming proceedings.

Dogs barking the Imperial March? Wasn’t that fantastic… if a little confusing. Seeing as this is a taster for what’s to come, you can indeed colour me interested. It’s like a check list of all the things that requires a video to be accepted; Animals? Check. Pop culture reference? Check. An idea that you’d want to show your friends? Double check.

After last years offering (The Force, which you need to scroll down to see) which I would have ranked a mean number two in my favourite adverts of the 2011 Super Bowl had it not shown early, it seems like the agency in charge is again heading down the same pop culture reference lined path. Granted, the Star Wars license must have cost a couple of arms and legs, and last years number was easily the best use of it I’ve seen bar the Lego Star Wars franchise. Let’s face it, it was at least one bajillion times better than the PC World ads;


Sorry, just had to clean the vomit out of my mouth there. That’s how to not use a license properly. Unfunny, and unbearable in some points, although I must say I prefer The Darth Vader visit over the mess that is the C3PO/R2D2 nonsense. Yes, these are the droids you were looking for, now fuck off.

Sorry about that! Where was I? Ah yes. The Super Bowl. Adverts. Barking Dogs. A DOG DRESSED AS AN AT-AT WALKER. Eee, I can’t wait. I’ll be watching with baited breath Volkswagen. Top last year. I dares you.

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