Watch Out, We’re About To Open This Pit Up. Virally!

In the space of less than thirteen hours, I’ve seen an internet video hit way over 200,000 views worldwide. Granted, I may have watched it at least 20 of those times, but the first time I did, it was rocking a measly 500 or so likes, and a good 40 or so dislikes. What happened in that space of time? Well, the internet silly! The internet happened! The video in question? This blinding piece of musical mimicry.

It’s quite a niche video if you think about it. How many of you actually listen to hardcore? Probably a lot of you if you’ve appeared from my twitter/facebook feed, but if someone happens to stumble on this who isn’t into “the scene” so to speak, why on earth would you have clicked that link? You wouldn’t, and I don’t blame you. This is a clip that’s gone viral, in the most utterly perfect way. Music message boards will have helped, websites like and the b9 message board will have had first dibs, but after that it was passed on to like minded music fans, with friends lists bigger than their ego.

It was a marvellous thing! I’ve never actually seen a video go viral in real time. It was insane how quickly the video flew through social web space. In my Facebook timeline alone it had been linked three times before I woke up. When I checked at lunch it had be linked eight times (including yours truely), and now I’m sitting at seventeen posts about the damn thing, each with at least three different interactions on the video. I suppose the ideal that when you tell a friend, they’ll tell two friends, who’ll tell four friends, ad infinitum actually rings true. How far can this video honestly go? Are we talking Rebecca Black ‘Friday’ size, as that’s obviously the dream in every amateur video maker’s eyes.

Here’s where we run into a problem; Is the video too niche? Will people out of “the scene” get it. I mean, I don’t really understand two-stepping, but I’ve been to enough hardcore shows to know not to be in the way of someone flailing their arms around like a windmill, and I’ve been to enough shows to get out of the way when someone asks to “open a pit up”. Protip; aim your stage dives away from the mosh pit. Landing face first isn’t ideal.

Another thought I had while I watched the likes/dislikes for the video spiral well and truely out of control, is how jealous I actually was. This thing was a stroke of creative genius, and I had no part in it. All the video is, is a small child being part and parcel of a joke she obviously doesn’t understand yet. Of course, I’ll eat my words if she’s Ceremony’s biggest fan, and has a Cro-Mags tattoo, but I think the idea behind the video lies with the parents. I have a friend who’s madly into pop-punk with a young daughter. Surely she could do the same thing with a couple of chords, well placed ‘woo’s, and the odd finger point or two? Sure, but would it hit the right timing. Is going viral all about being at the right place at the right time?

What if the video was two weeks later? Or even as close as this evening rather than this morning? What would have happened if the video was uploaded after the news that megaupload had been canned. Would it still get the same response? Twitter set on fire with news and updates about MU being pulled, but that’s only to be expected with yesterday’s rally against SOPA and PIPA. Have internet punters spent all their energy setting fire to torches and sharpening their pitchforks to repost a video about a young girl’s love for her dog and fish? Who knows!

Back to my original point of jealousy. If these folks can go viral, why can’t I? It can’t be that hard right? Famous last words if I’ve ever heard some. While I work out how to make myself go viral either by breaking a leg, writing a funny song, or just video taping the shit out of a cat, here’s a video of some of my friends doing something awesome which definitely should be as big as Rebecca bloody Black. The acting is almost as bad too.

Ah, heart attack enducing Christmas shenanigans. Lovely.

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