The Christmas Advert Calendar Door Seven – Movielicious

Now for something that hints at ‘festive’, but is actually rather bloody clever.

Wasn’t that just wonderful? Yes, I know, the idea of manipulating old movie footage and using to CGI to add actors, or change the way the footage rolls out is nothing new, but it’s always something that manages to enthral me, and rightly so! It’s a great use of modern technology to surprise a viewer. You should all remember this one;

Probably one of the best ads of the past twenty years, helped by the blistering soundtrack from Mint Royale. When it first aired there was absolute pandemonium about the spot, about how some people thought it was brilliant, and others a disservice to Mr.Kelly himself. Either way I thought it was incredible!

I think it’s the creative idea behind the advert, rather than the advert’s narrative that makes me like it so much. Sure, it’s not really the most festive advert out there, but it’s one of the only ads this Christmas that has managed to make me actively search it out to see the damn thing again. Just think about all of the other stories and narratives our unfortunate ‘man rushing home for Christmas’ could be in. Of course, they’d have to be showing on Sky Movies, but think of the possibilities! ENDLESS. I haven’t really got much to add, I just want people to watch the spot. I like it, and you should too.

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2 thoughts on “The Christmas Advert Calendar Door Seven – Movielicious

  1. adpraisal says:

    I love the Sky one – and I usually think their advertising can be rather dreary. However, it’s great seeing all those iconic films so cleverly edited together.

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