The Christmas Advert Calendar Door Four – Merry Pissedmas

Christmas ads are usually all about the hard sell. Other times the creatives get clever, veer the opposite way, and pretend to produce something inspiring, working way too hard to beat their previous outstanding efforts. Cough *John lewis* cough. But Every now and again, there’s a something I see that just makes me stop what I’m doing, smile, and feel warm inside. It doesn’t happen often, but I like it when it does.

All together now; “Aaawwwww”. What an enchanting way to say Happy Christmas to your customers!

It’s not often a viewer comes away from a liqueur/spirit advertisement feeling the warm and fuzzies and thinking of family, but this Jack Daniels spot seems to accomplish just that. There’s nothing hard-sell about it, there’s no dubious ‘lifestyle’ choices to be made, and most importantly, there’s no celebrity guest star. The advert appears to be straight out of the ‘how to make a Christmas ad 101’ book. It’s, well, warm and fuzzy!

Granted it’s nothing spectacular, over the top, or flashy, and yes, building a Christmas Tree out of Whiskey Casks is surely going to end in tears, vomit, broken bones and at least two fires ala the ending of ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’, but the idea is strong, and that makes the advert incredibly enjoyable to watch. The soundtrack pulls at the right kind of heart strings, and the imagery is just what you’d expect from a Christmassy “community coming together” kind of advert, but the bit that makes me so impressed, is that the company behind the idea sells a product that makes most people turn into absolute pricks when they drink it. Myself included.

After the bitterness thrown at my keyboard during the Littlewoods write up, I’m nicely surprised that Jack Daniels has managed to cool my nerves through the medium of television advertising, and again get me excited to see my family, friends, and cat when I get to go home for Christmas. I won’t touch the stuff over the holiday period for fear of starting a fight with a condom machine again, but I’ll definitely tip my paper hat to the creatives and agency behind this little wonder. They did good Jack. They did good.

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One thought on “The Christmas Advert Calendar Door Four – Merry Pissedmas

  1. claire says:

    im glad this has started up again. i like reading bits and pieces of your thoughts!

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