This Is Not The Webpage You Are Looking For… Oh Four.

We’ve all had that god awful moment of realisation when we’ve clicked on a link or typed in a URL wrong, and we get presented with this

SHIT! What have we done wrong? Have we broke something? I’m sure there was supposed to be a web page here. Better read the warning message. Hang on a minute, this is really really boring to read. I wish someone would take care of their error pages like they take care of their website. That would be super mega awesome boss. Well guess what? They have!

Here are a few incredibly creative 404 File Not Found error pages from the vastness of the internet, and pilfered from

That last one is particularly brilliant, working the brand into a ‘whoops’ page is a stroke of genius. Plus, the ketchup has run out! You can’t find the ketchup! Get it? Fab.

In keeping with this post, I have decided to create my own 404 page for the day I actually pull my finger out and learn how to use Dreamweaver / pay someone to do it for me. Check it out!

Didn’t you know? Swearing’s cool again.

In all honesty, I wanted to have a picture of me looking worried / scared, but it’s too dark to do it properly. You can just look upon my poor sense of design and humour. ENJOY IT.

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3 thoughts on “This Is Not The Webpage You Are Looking For… Oh Four.

  1. You should attribute sources when rehashing lists from other sites! 🙂

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