The One Handed Challenge.

I’m not even talking about wanking either! I saw the new McDonalds advert today, and while amusing, it wasn’t exactly ground breaking. Take a look;

Some nice imagery sure, but don’t you think it’s all a bit wishy washy. One handed this, one handed that, all because they’re so in lust with the McDonalds wrap they’re holding. What annoyed me was how no one actually took a bloody bite until the end! If it was that good, surely people should be eating the damn thing rather than staring at it.

What was brilliant though, was how this ‘one handed’ campaign translated on to youtube, and entertained me for at least, oooh, say ten minutes? That’s actually rather a lot of time if you think about it. I spent ten minutes playing around with something that was made by a company that I almost never ever consider myself to be a customer of. Sure, it’s not going to make me run off and buy ten big-macs, but I will certainly recommend it to a friend, and yes, to you lot. Take a look at their work over here;

Basically, it’s a fun look at what people can do with one hand, and a few fun flash games to be played with too. Nothing absolutely vital to the well being of this world, but a good time killer for at least five minutes. The ‘opposite hand’ mouse games were particularly fun.

Anyway, that’s it for today. I’m off to McDonalds to sell my soul to Ronald himself.

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