A Load Of Old Balls

Bit naff really. More to come when I’ve got the time.

The time is here – a couple of days late might I add.

I’m not going to lie, I absolutely loved the Sony Bravia ‘colour like no other’ campaign. It played a huge part in my dissertation, and it made me want to work in the industry more than any other advertising campaign at the time. It was a breath of fresh air. It had a certain ‘wow’ factor that managed to make everyone feel something when they watched it. It was exciting. Sure, we can argue over which was the best one (it was the balls), and we can argue over which was the worst one (it was the paint), but they did their job. They had us all talking, typing and texting.

Over two years have passed, and here are Sony re-using their idea to push a 3DTV. This time, it’s tennis balls for Wimbledon. Apart from the balls looking completely fake and computer generated, it looks like we’ve seen it all before! There are, don’t get me wrong quite fantastic, slow panning shots of bouncing balls hitting into things while a slow acoustic ballad plays in the background. The problem lies in the repetition. We HAVE seen it all before!

Nothing has changed since the last outing. If anything, the location is worse, the balls look fake, and don’t even get me started on the ‘acting’ by the two people at the end. The whole ‘oh God I can almost touch the thing it looks so real’ 3D sell is getting old. It’s a tired, worn cliché that needs to be finished, before it finishes us. No one does that to 3D any more. Not even kids. 3D is old news! Have Murray hit a ball directly into my face through a TV set and I’ll be impressed. You cannot immerse me into a sporting event while I’m wearing horribly uncomfortable 3D glasses, sat on my sofa, with my shoes off, and more often than not, in only my boxers shorts for clothing. It doesn’t work. Much like this advert.

It should be considered a problem when a rival company parodies your advert better than you do. Here’s to Tango. Here’s to Tango for doing it better.

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2 thoughts on “A Load Of Old Balls

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