Ooops. I’ve Wet Meself.

Ah, incontinence. It can happen to all of us. Probably. Well, not really. I don’t think I’ve had one of those ‘laugh so hard I pee’ moments, but I’ve certainly had ‘laugh so hard it hurts’ moment. Is it only ladies that do a wizzlaugh, or have I just got a rather strong bladder? Who knows, but I’m sure as I get older, I’ll start to understand the embarrassment behind the problem.

Tena, the ‘ladies-bits’ product maker as I used to call them as a child, has created a new campaign to sell their products entitled ‘Ooops’. Let’s take a wee look. (Hah, I’m a genius)

A cute ad and relating press advert, with a rather attractive woman showing off her pants. Fun for all the family! The thing that made it blog postable was a certain image at the end of the video, and how my brain perceived it.

My brain works in wonderful ways. You see, in my head, Adam and Joe are voicing these two ladies, and Adam Buxton is the lady who wets herself. He’s literally shouting “HAHAHA THIS IS SO FUNNY HE ONLY WENT AND SAW MY BITS…. Yep, pissed me self”.

It’s only funny if you’re a fan of the show, but if not you should be able to take away the hugely fake laugh that the woman in purple is trying to ‘act’ in the first screenshot. The director must have been yelling things like ‘Okay, really go for it love, laugh like you’re going to shit yourself.’ It’s definitely something that put a smile on my face. It’s such a fake laugh, and the thought of Adam and Joe voicing these two characters actually made me wee.

On that note, I’ll leave you to think and ponder about the next time you laugh so hard you wee. Just try not to show off your bits to strangers, unless you enjoy doing that of course.

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2 thoughts on “Ooops. I’ve Wet Meself.

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