Free Burgers, Not Free Blog Posts

Could you stare at a picture of a burger for half an hour, knowing that at the end of that half an hour, you’ll get a coupon to go and claim that burger for FREE? I probably couldn’t, but I imagine most could! It all depends on how hungry you are, how much you like free food, and how boring your life is.

Crispin Porter & Bogusky has created this campaign as their last fling for Burger King. Let’s take a look at how it begins;

To be honest, it’s not one of their best from a creative stand point (I’m looking at you subservient chicken), but from the point of a customer, it’s brilliant! It’s an easy idea, and it gets people talking, and well, doing nothing I suppose. Doing nothing, to get a free burger. At least the walk is the exercise right! According to stats I’ve found, Burger King has already given away 50,000 Whoppers-and, according to CP+B, Americans “have stared for over 300,000 minutes” so far. That’s a lot of whoppers, and a lot of minutes!

I was quite hard on CP+B when they lost the Burger King account, and then the Groupon account, but they’ve genuinely created some of my favourite campaigns, as you may or may not have read about here; This campaign is a breath of fresh air, and a well deserved ‘goodbye’. While it sounds so simple, easy to do, and unoriginal, I challenge you to find something equally as easy, but as phenomenally successful. I bet it was the first idea a creative team came up with, and the last thing they said in the board-room as a last-ditch attempt to win their Creative Director over.

You’ll be missed CP+B, but I’m sure you’ll bounce back. If all else fails, just whack another guy in a chicken suit. It works wonders.

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