Ciaran Watkins, VP Of Being Late To The Party

Ah, Old Spice man. How you won over a nation by being a brilliantly scripted handsome man. Now you can prove you were brilliantly scripted by showing everyone the two Black Pencils you won at the D&AD awards the other night. Fantastic.

I’m so awfully late with this campaign, and I’m happy to admit that. It’s something I’ve seen before, laughed at, thought about, and left. The reason being? Kevin Butler, the best thing to happen to Playstation advertising since, well, ever.

Sony’s creation of a rival ‘Old Spice’ man has led to many questions of Which Came First? I like to think it was Butler, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it was the Old Spice Man. However, the premise for both campaigns is simple; A straight talking, incredibly confident, ‘no fuss’ lead male, tells us all what we want to hear, and does it brilliantly. The comparisons are endless, and the childish giggles too.

Here’s a few adverts so you too can decide your favourite. Here’s a hint, you’re probably going to chose the Old Spice Man.

Old Spice Man;

Kevin Butler – VP Of Everything.

If you give him the time of day, you might fall in love with Kevin Butler as much as I did. Probably not though.

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2 thoughts on “Ciaran Watkins, VP Of Being Late To The Party

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