Everybody Dance, Sort Of Nowish

Just a quick one today featuring an ad with a heavy focus on music again. Let’s take a look.

I know, I know, it’s a fat man dancing really badly to a great music track, but the idea and delivery actually makes the advert watchable. It’s a lovely and unique way of selling the ‘extra’ hour that using Europcar gives you. I’m genuinely interested as to what the next ad in the series is going to be. The brief “what can you do with an hour” is so vastly open ended that anything could fill the forty five seconds of air time before your new car arrives. It can be anything! Want to make it dirty? Some guy absolutely ploughs his wife for an hour. Want to make it interesting? Some woman builds a replica of her car in lego, or the front room or something. I don’t know, they’re rubbish ideas I know, but the possibilities are endless!

It also helps that the advert has a belting soundtrack in Gonna Make You Sweat. Just for you, I’ve linked the video below! Try not to jig for the video and I’ll give you a lolly or something. It’s a classic 90s track and I can remember playing it over and over again on my parents stereo when I must have been about four. I’ve always wondered if music can make an advert, and I actually looked at it once before here. Clickity Click. That post was a much more detailed look at soundtracks in advertising, and probably much more coherent. Any way, you’ll have to excuse me, as it’s time for me to lose sound pounds and learn some dance moves.

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