Two Litres Of Justice

Well, here’s the new Irn-Bru ad for this summer! It’s quite cutesy and pokes fun of it’s Scottish heritage. No youtube link as it doesn’t even exist on there yet!

Clicky Click!


The problem is, I like the ad for Diet Irn-Bru better that was released earlier this year. There’s something about the Scottish accent that cracks me up

These ads are just, funnier. It has to be in the accent though. The speech makes the ad work.

The Scottish accent must be one of the reasons I enjoy watching Burnistoun. A comedy sketch show set in a fictional Scottish city. You should all watch it, as it features Robert Florence of Consolevania fame. Here’s a good wee clip, and easily my favourite. It’s about a man and his ginga.

Now haway lass, it’s bed time.

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