No One Likes A Sofa Through The Window

I don’t actually watch that many adverts on TV any more. I rarely have the chance. What I do like to do is keep up to date with television advertising on the lovely website of Thats how I stumbled upon these three beauts.

I think these are the first television spots for gumtree here in the UK, and I really really like them. Let’s take a look.

They’re simple, funny, and straight to the point. I’d probably change the whole ‘bag of cash’ landing in the arms, but I don’t really know what to. Well done all involved! Have a brew on me.

I was also directed to another website this weekend, ‘Shit Scamps’. Basically it’s where all of my scamps will one day end up. A scamp for those who don’t know, are the scribbles done by creatives when trying to purvey an idea. I am the absolute worst at drawing, so here’s to a website soon to be dedicated to me. In the mean time, here’s my favourite scamp from the website. In the mean time, that’s all folks! More tomorrow.

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