8 thoughts on “Me And Advertising? It’s Bigger Than Coffee

  1. beatifnik says:

    I completely agree with your dissection of that ad. Yes, it’s lovely and yes, it has a nice line but it’s very cynical to assume that people won’t see through it. The value now lies not in selling products to people but in deepening relationships with existing customers and turning them from consumers into brand advocates, or even into brand evangelists (brangelists? Hmm). Urban Outfitters and American Apparel are another two brands who do this a lot. Reality is, you could buy their crappy clothes and accessories from Primark but then you wouldn’t be buying into the Vice-esque lifestyle to which their brands open up the door to. Shamelessly bold, but it works. Especially with social media thrown into the mix. No one buys coffee anymore, they buy into what that coffee is saying about them.

    Lovely bit of analysis there, Cee and another great read. Keep ’em coming.

    • The funny thing is, if you’re not a customer of Starbucks, this is probably going to knock you even further away from them.

      I can remember when Adidas did those ‘house party’ adverts that ran as brand awareness campaigns. I longed to be there, to be part of each one! That’s because I love Adidas. I’ve got at least 10 pairs of them sat in a row behind me, and I buy into their version of an ‘Adidas reality’. I’m loyal to the brand. To any one else? They had nice music, and famous people, but were just a regular house party.

      If a company has the balls to do something that is basically congratulating their customers for being just that, then of course the people being communicated with are going to respond. There’s a fine line between advertising something that’s achievable, and something that a customer might never be able to have. It’s this morally grey bit of advertising that riles me up the most, but equally, if done correctly, draws me in like everyone else. I suppose I should know better. I don’t.

  2. beatifnik says:

    That’s the beauty of knowing how ads work. You can enjoy them all the more, knowing that you really shouldn’t fall for it but you have anyway. Those long hours, scribbled-out copy lines and painstaking revisions at the hands of a potty art director make the pay-off all the more sweet when you can appreciate exactly what went into it.

    You should definitely pencil in a post on brand loyalty.

  3. Stuart Hughes says:

    Reading this reminded me of this excellent Charlie Brooker piece about “lifestyle”.


  4. Ed Tang says:

    Costa is shit, Nero’s is shit.. I would definitely say i’m in the target audience for a number of reasons
    I love the variety of coffee flavours, i love the atmosphere of Starbucks over Nero’s/Costa because of the faux-jazzy, neopolitan vibe (sorry can’t spell neopolitan) it’s like New York or something. It has character..and boy should you see how Starbucks are cropping up all over Hong Kong…

    With regards to the add I think it portrays the truth of Starbucks, it’s mood and vibe. It sells a lifestyle which is all it needs to do. It’s saying the logo may have changed but we’re the same friendly joint..the art direction is unpretentious and organic. (to the untrained eye)

  5. Ed Tang says:

    BUT, the tagline does suck

  6. […] and You: It’s bigger than coffee’ thing. You can read what I thought about it over here. It’s a look at how the advertising for Starbucks at the moment is more about lifestyle than […]

  7. […] and You: It’s bigger than coffee’ thing. You can read what I thought about it over here. It’s a look at how the advertising for Starbucks at the moment is more about lifestyle than […]

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