I am a sick person. It feels like nothing longer than a week goes past without me feeling unwell in some sort of way. I should probably get myself a full body work over at the doctors or something. I honestly think this is the fallout from a trip to Bem Brazil. Any way, because of this, I’m not going to post a decent entry today, and I shall merely link you to a lovely youtube video of an ad I like.

Perhaps the best ad for vodka I’ve ever seen. It’s absolut-ly brilliant! It’s so cool it’s 42 below zero. I’d wager my Grey Goose that it’ll never be topped. It’s literally Perfect 1864. It’s obviously of the highest Russian Standard. The creatives must have been Starka raving mad! It doesn’t Belv-adhere to any alcohol advertising stereotypes! Well, that’s enough of that. Enjoy!

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One thought on “Smir(k)noff

  1. Psymonkee says:

    Cracking advert and some awful punnage to boot! 😀 I remember seeing that in the ceinema and was suitably blow away! 🙂

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