Advertise This: Vintage Inns

A nice filler piece today! This was a piece of work that Thomas Waters and myself came up with when on placement for Pravda, and this is it’s first ever public outing! The brief was a 30 second radio ad for Vintage Inns to be aired on Smooth FM. Vintage Inn are a chain of pubs which favour the ‘good old fashioned’ feel. In other words, no jukeboxes, no fruit machines, hearty food and ale, all rounded up together in a family friend environment. We were going for the complete opposite approach. Instead of making out how much people will love the chain, we went for how much louts and the unappreciated patrons in family pubs would hate it. Here’s what we came up with.

Radio Ad – 30 Seconds Long
Campaign – Vintage Inns – Boozey Britain – Fake News Report
Background Noise – Average pub noises, chatter, clinks of glasses etc.
News Reporter – Stereotypical middle class, with no regional twinge.
MVO – Stereotypical middle class, with no regional twinge. Quite enthusiastic
Louts – Heavy regional accents, ‘common’ use of language, ‘chavvy’. Three males, and one female

News Reporter – Louts across the country are up in arms about the, and I quote,
“Desecration of their traditional British pubs”


Lout One – We want our TVs back! We wanna watch the footy on the
weekend, and Darts in the week.

Lout Two – Yeah, out with them real log fires, and back in with the jukebox,
fruit machines and karaoke!

Female Lout – When I order a wine, I want it white or pink. I don’t want a
poncey shmoncey wine list that I have to have a GCSE in
foreign to read. Gimmie the bottle, and gimmie a straw.

Lout Three – I don’t know who’s idea of pub tradition this is, but it’s definitely
not ours.


MVO – Rest assured that at one of our 200 pubs throughout the UK,
things ARE what they used to be. We have deemed each
special chosen pub worthy of our Vintage Inn Seal Of Approval.
We have ensured each one has retained it’s strong pub
heritage and is situated in an area of natural beauty. Chances
are, there’s one near you, so text your postcode to 86868 or
go online to to find your closest one.

This one is an oldy, but it’s still got a few cracking lines in that I’m happy we came up with.

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