Advertise This: Fair Trade Condoms

Today is a special day. It’s the first time I’ve ever uploaded a piece of work. Granted, it’s not very good and I only drew it because it made me giggle, but first times and all that! I saw one of those news stories. You know, one that just makes you stop, and stare. Then you laugh a little, then a lot, and finally ideas begin to flood into your brain. First thing comes first, and it’s a witty comment that you post in the correct section, but then you somehow need to take it further. The story in question? Waitrose are to sell fair trade condoms. Brilliant.

What a brief! I’ll probably spend some time on this because it’s a brilliant idea! I was told by Ken Davies (The Underdog, ex-TBWA) never to advertise stuff like condoms, because when has any one seen a condom advert in press or TV? I suppose Durex changed all that a couple of years ago, and now I finally have a chance to delve into rubber johnny promotion.

I scribbled down these ideas on a few sheets of paper, and while at the moment I’m still giggling, I dread to think what I’ll feel about them in a few days time. I suppose every campaign has to start from some where though right? I’m not working with any one at the moment, so I don’t have that immediate ‘pub test’. I’ll show them to Rob the next time I see him so he can give ’em a good slating, but for now, it’s all up to you guys.

They need some form of tag line. Something along the lines of ‘Feel Better About Feeling Good’, but you know, not that, because it’s shit. Definitely something along those lines. Basically, you can feel good about filling some girl in because at least they’re fair trade! She may be horrible, and you may be desperate for a lay, but at least as you’re getting your end away, some one else is being helped out in the process. I suppose targeting the lowest common denominator for a Waitrose product isn’t exactly ideal, but I’ll make up a new brand if needs be. Well, here’s to me finally posting up a bit of work. A first draft, crudely drawn, awfully worded piece of work, but at least it’s an ad.

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