The Best Of The Super Bowl: Racist Or Not? Spoiler. It’s Not.

I’m ill as hell. Here’s an advert from the Super Bowl that made me laugh a hell of a lot.

After watching it on youtube, it appears a lot of people deemed it to be racist, many because of the steriotype associated with the black woman, and that the injured party is white. People on commenting on youtube have deemed Pepsi a racist company, exclaiming they pander to racists and serve to either ‘keep the black race down’, or ‘glorify black violence on caucasians’. What a crock of bullshit. Absolute tosh. Let’s take a look at some of the quotes;

Pepsi is conveying a racial warning here: any lowlife white female who sexually entices a black male deserves to be brutally assaulted by angry violent negroes.


* * * * *

White male dominated corp Amerikkka is VERY aware of the impact of subliminal messags in advertising . This commerical is offensive and toxic on a few levels:
#1 spousal abuse as ” comical” when its “female on male”
#2 Black women as non sexual /mannish/ aggressive= emasculating
#3 the skinny pale pasty blonds as the “prize” that Black want
#4 Blacks are irresponsible criminal crowards.
#5 whites as hapless ll innocent victims of Blacks violence
** FUCK pepsi**


* * * * *

People really are fucking idiots. I mean, for starters, this is user generated content so Pepsi had nothing to do with it, and my other point, is that on my first watch, I didn’t notice the colour of skin. I noticed a married couple trying to stick to a ‘double diet’ kind of deal, and a wife getting jealous at her husband openly flirting with someone younger than her.

I hate people sometimes. Hate them. I’ll write about something nicer tomorrow I hope.

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3 thoughts on “The Best Of The Super Bowl: Racist Or Not? Spoiler. It’s Not.

  1. Ash says:

    To be fair, the people posting comments on Youtube can shoehorn racist remarks into a video of a sleeping kitten.

    It’s the highest order of stupidity and being an utter cock.

  2. […] sexuality, and race are tricky, and almost certainly grey areas. Can anyone remember the whole Pepsi Super Bowl fiasco? When dealing with touchy subject matter, viewers are bound to be offended. Does that mean that […]

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