The Worst Of The Super Bowl

I am so tired, and still drunk, so here’s some shit adverts from the Super Bowl that are almost a week old. I’ll write about the best ad tomorrow. I promise.

E*Trade: Baby

It’s not particularly bad, but it’s way too much like Fallon’s Velvet ads. In fact, Velvet was a much better version of the ‘talking baby’ shtick. D standard

Go Daddy: New Girl

Obviously not aimed at our market, as I don’t know what the fuck a ‘Go Daddy Girl’ is, and I’m sure you don’t know either. While I like Joan Rivers, this just screamed desperation. Especially as she tweeted during the Super Bowl explaining her lack of knowledge for football. Didn’t stop her cashing in on the advertising cash monies. D minus

Brisk: Eminem

I know it’s cool to bring in a celebrity to endorse your product, but Eminem actually had two adverts this time around. The first was a nice advert for Chryler in which he played ‘Mr.Detroit’. This one is pretty awful to be fair. He also makes jokes about not doing adverts, and then has two in one night. IRONY RIGHT? Not really, but shut up. Fail.

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