The Best Of The Super Bowl Ads: Special Mentions

PSYCHE. Yeah. That’s right! It’s not time for the best ad of the Super Bowl just yet, it’s time for a couple of special mentions. Ones that didn’t make the list for a few particular reasons. Ones that while impressing, just didn’t blow me away. Finally, one that would have been number one, had they not leaked the ad two days prior to the actual Super Bowl. Here we go!

Bud Light: Product Placement

So does that remind any one else of the ‘product placement’ scene in Wayne’s World? I thought as much. A lovely little humour filled ad from Budweiser, again lampooning the advertising industry as a whole. It definitely seems to be the new way of trying to get your product accepted; “If we make fun of us trying to advertise this product, then maybe people will forget that we’re actually advertising this product as we make fun of ourselves advertising this product!” Fool proof I tell you. Fool proof. It missed the list because it just wasn’t good enough, but it did warrant an entry, as I like it when the truck goes crash bang wallop at the end. B minus.

Chevvy: Tommy

Oh Chevvy! This is your second advert discussed this week, and it was so hard to choose between the two. Again, just not good enough to make the list, but definitely funny enough to be watched again. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the old ‘Skippy’ joke, and this one is at the better end of the joke spectrum. Besides, don’t we all love it when inanimate objects can talk like humans? I know I do. B plus

Motorola: Empowerment

Someone really had balls when making this advert. If you can’t tell that this is a flat out declaration of war against Apple, then you’re an idiot. What I also like is that Apple actually made one of the seminal adverts of ever back in the 1984 when they referenced the book, 1984. It’s funny how things have changed in 17 years! Now Motorola are obviously trying to make the claim that the dominance that Apple now hold over the gadgetry world, is increasingly similar to the dominance Apple tried to disband back in the 80’s. Sure the ad is cute, but it’s the messages tucked between (blatantly not between, more like in your face) the lines that made me give this one a mention. It would be nice to see what other people think as well! Taking on Apple seems to every multimedia company’s dream at the moment. I mean, can anything stop the behemoth in it’s tracks? C minus

Stella Artois: Crying Jean

Ahh, Adrian Brody being all french and singing about a ‘woman’ (read beer) while attractive ladies weep and swoon. Lovely advertising from an already established brand known for their killer advertising. Again, for the third time; funny, grand, but not good enough. Must try harder. B minus

Volkswagen: The Force

This one. This fucking advert. It’s amazing! It’s fantastic! It’s easily a much better use of the Star Wars rights than that god awful Curry’s ad. Darth Vader is terrifying as well all know, but seeing a mini version of him is absolutely brilliant. I can remember pretending to be a Power Ranger when I was a child. I had the gun that turned into a sword, the morphing belt buckle, and all of the toys. I would have killed to have had an outfit as good as this child’s Darth Vader costume.

One of my favourite parts is the fact that the music is in perfect timing with the child’s movements when he tries to use the force on the doll. I don’t know if that was planned, but it certainly adds a touch of brilliance. There’s also nothing better than seeing the tiny Darth Vader freak out at the end of the ad. This one does more for the Volkswagen brand than it does for the product it’s trying to advertise, and it shall take a place in my ‘best of oblique’ style advertising list. I love it. I absolutely love it.

Why isn’t it number one then? Because it was shown off two days earlier. I watched it on a website and was blown away the second I saw it. It seems like the people behind it couldn’t wait to show it off, and while completely understandable, it is here by disqualified from the runnings of The Best Super Bowl ad because I bloody well say so. Well done to everyone involved for creating an ad I’ll reference and talk about for a good few years, but next time, try to keep it in your pants!

That of course means that TOMORROW will bring you The Best Advert Of The Super Bowl… Or will it?

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One thought on “The Best Of The Super Bowl Ads: Special Mentions

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