The Best Of The Superbowl Ads: Number Two

Holy calamity, scream insanity! It’s time for my number two of my Top Big Favourite Five Ads Of The Super Bowl That Weren’t Even Shown In This Country.

Epic indeed! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Kia ad before this one, and I was incredibly surprised by what I witnessed! I think it’s a cracking ad, again rolling into the territory of entertainment rather than trying to push a hard sell. Obviously the idea behind the ad is to show off how much everyone and anyone wants to get hold of the new Kia, but it’s been written in such a way to seem that it’s not being forced down the viewers throat. As the pay off line states, not only is the Kia itself an ‘epic ride’, but it feels as if by watching this ad, we’ve some how become part of this ride. The aim is to associate this car with ‘epicness’ if you will.

I really don’t have anything else to add. It’s a lovely designed, thought out advert, with twists and turns in it’s own original sense of humour. It seems that a lot of advertising these days relies on humour. I’m assuming that’s because companies don’t want their brands associated with a feeling of sadness, or moroseness when it comes to new consumers. It’s better to be remember for that three second chuckle than the two hour sniffle. That is of course unless the ad fits in with the ‘sniffles’ (see anything to do with drink driving, anti smoking ads and the like).

As I say, it’s nice to see a smaller brand create something that I watched with an open mouth, but unluckily for Kia, it was pipped to the post. If you want to find out what beat it, you’ll just have to read tomorrow!

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