The Best Of The Superbowl Ads: Number Three

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for! Number three on my Top Big Favourite Five Ads Of The Super Bowl That Weren’t Even Shown In This Country.

We’re getting close to the top of the list now, and let me tell you it was incredibly difficult to choose my favourites. The number three slot goes, quite rightly, to Audi, for their magnificent advert for the Audi A8. Let’s watch.

I’ve picked this ad for two reasons. The first is because it’s a genuinely good ad. Granted, the creators felt they had to take a pot shot, albeit small pot shot, at Mercedes (Only rich, retired, old men drive them. I say drive. Are driven in them), but it doesn’t stop the message being clear in that the Audi A8 is a ‘cooler’ way to drive in luxury. Notice how I had to emphasise ‘cool’, as I really don’t think I’ve chosen my words very well there. I’ll put it down to the fact that it’s almost ten PM on a weeknight.

The second reason I’ve chosen this ad is a much better one than the first. So much work has gone into this one minute epic to make it feel and look absolutely astonishing. It’s genuinely funny, (‘Ow, my spleen’, and the ending shot of Kenny G actually made me spurt a bit of diet coke out of my mouth). The art direction is absolutely superb. What makes me jealous more than anything else, is that the attention to detail throughout the entire advert is of the highest quality I’ve seen in all my years in (fnar, you know what I mean. Studying, reading, trying, whatever) advertising. The ad contains subtle nuances that the trained eye will miss without the use of the 1080p youtube function, and a keen finger on the pause button.

Watch the ad again, and try to spot all of these things; A sign that leads to either a billiards room, or a delousing room. A restricted area placard with the phrase ‘Direct descendants of Mayflower only’. A doctor’s information poster on whether or not you have gout. Kenny G as an actual prison guard, an easy spot maybe, but a belting one none the less! And my favourite of all, a poster letting a person know their rights; ‘Yacht. You Always Can Have Truffles’. Every small detail has been made to make it feel like this ‘prison’ contains only the highest of high class! Granted, these may be mostly posters that an art department came up with on the day, but it adds to the mystery. It adds to the story! What I’m trying to say, is that it doesn’t feel like a minute has been taken from me like it can after watching other ads. It feels as if I’ve been shown something special. A rather expensive joke, with little pay off for Audi.

I know that sounds stupid what with it being an advert and all, with product shots, taglines, and a company logo, but in a few days you’ll forget what car you were being sold, or you’ll forget the tag line. What you will have is the memory of ‘that funny advert in which those two rich geezers escaped from a rich persons prison like a couple of bosses’. That my friends, is a feeling I want to pass on. I want to make someone remember my work by genuinely entertaining them. I’m not too fussed if they don’t remember the product (That’s a lie. I totally am Mr.Creative Director Sirs. You really should think about letting me make you a cup of tea one day), I just want someone to laugh, show a friend, and remember the funny/jaw-dropping/emotional thirty seconds of film, line of text, picture in a magazine, or screenshot from a website. Maybe one day.

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3 thoughts on “The Best Of The Superbowl Ads: Number Three

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  2. […] Read about my other Super Bowl Advert picks here; Number Five. Number Four, and Number Three […]

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