The Best Of The Superbowl Ads: Number Four

Well, it’s Tuesday, and that can only mean one thing! Number Four on my Top Big Favourite Five Ads Of The Super Bowl That Weren’t Even Shown In This Country.

A cracking ad from Bridgestone, and one that was quite different from the rest! How different? Well, I bet if you didn’t read the title of the video, you wouldn’t have ‘got’ what product the ad was trying to sell you, and that’s because we’re back to something I touched on a few weeks ago! Oblique advertising! The advert in question is all about entertainment, in this case, humour. We spend thirty seconds of our time being told a funny joke, with only the slightest hint of an advertisement.

We’re strung along, happily wondering what’s going to happen next to the poor sod who obviously sent an email to his boss, and how he’s going to rectify his problem. We laugh at his insane methods of censorship, with my particular favourite being the coffee pot over the laptop, as that nudge he gives to the waitress is minuscule, and despite his erratic behaviour and screaming, it’s just enough to douse the laptop, and not the poor employee! Little did we know that in the quick shots of tyres in action as the poor soul zooms around town, we’re actually being sold a product. For all we know this advert could have been for red bull and talk about being ‘alert’, or it could be an advert highlighting the plea of absolute idiots, when in fact, we’re being sold the idea that no matter what you do, or how much stress you apply to your tyres, Bridgestone will always keep to the road.

It’s quite refreshing to see something that goes down this oblique route again, as I feared the advertising world might be slipping out of it. Gorilla, chocolate blah blah blah. I know, I always seem to talk about it, but along with the Sony Bravia ads, it still remains as the perfect example of a product being vastly removed from the advert that you’re watching. It always helps when what you’re watching is also incredibly entertaining. In fact, I’d go as far to say that if it weren’t entertaining, then no one in their right minds would give the ad a second of their time.

It’s also nice to note that Bridgestone seem to be quite good at this ‘oblique’ malarkey, with another one of their Super Bowl ads that aired on Sunday running with the same disassociated theme. Unfortunately it was one that I didn’t rank as highly as ‘Reply All’, but it’s definitely entertaining. Again, it exists only with a subtle nod to the products involved, and I’d bet if I didn’t tell you it was trying to sell you tyres, you’d never work that out. Until tomorrow, drive safely… Unless you’ve got some Bridgestone tyres that is, which in that case, you can pretend it’s Carmageddon and nothing bad will happen to you.

You can read what I thought to be the fifth best ad from the superbowl here.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Of The Superbowl Ads: Number Four

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  4. […] about my other Super Bowl Advert picks here; Number Five. Number Four, and Number […]

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