Joe Montanna’s Tonight’s The Night

For one night in a year, the advertising world sits with baited breath. The planners wait. The creatives wait. The directors wait. the writers wait. I wait. For one thing. An ad break. The ad break to end all ad breaks. Prime time viewing. I am of course, talking about the Superbowl!

In this country, the Superbowl means nothing. No one really cares. Sure, the BBC is showing it tonight, but what happens about the rest of the season? It airs on Sky and I am assured by the NFLUK that there are thousands of fans, but it’s not a huge sport here. It’s not broken into the big leagues yet. In America, it’s a way of life. The Superbowl is one of the most important days in millions of peoples lives. Not just because of the teams playing, but for everyone involved. In particular, it’s a hugely important night for the advertising world. The ads shown tonight will have cost millions. The half time show will have cost millions. The time the ads are going to take up in the breaks will have cost millions. The ads themselves will be watched by millions. It’s kind of a big deal over there.

I can guarantee there will be ads from the big names. Honda, Coca Cola, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Nintendo, and Ford will all be showing their newest, coolest, hippest advert with the aim to be the water cooler conversation. My favourite in the past few years had been a Doritos spot.

Funny, and even better knowing it was made by a member of the general public after winning a competition.

Here, I’ll be watching on the BBC sans ad breaks, but thanks to the wonders of the internet I’ll be able to catch every ad with the advent of this marvellous piece of technology. Unfortunately for me, in watching the ads, I’m sure I’ll end up missing the game. Oh the things that we miss in this country. Damn the BBC. Damn them. If you care, and if you’re wondering, my money is on Pittsburgh, but I want Green Bay to win. Anything to knock the smile of Big Ben’s face. In addition, you’ll also get ten points if you get the video game reference in my blog title.


One thought on “Joe Montanna’s Tonight’s The Night

  1. Gem says:

    Exciting times! I too shall be logging on to see the ads. Does it say something about British culture that we don’t care about the ad breaks? I suppose things are getting that way, with X Factor slots costing upwards of a quarter of a million pounds. I wonder how the advertising spend for Suerbowl this year will differ from previous years? Constant conumndrum for my clients – spend less to save money as it’s a tough economic time or spend more because you need to push harder to sell in tough times? Quandry.

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