When Advertising Goes Wrong: Part Six

Well, what did you think of the French ad for Orangina? Love it? Hate it? Confused by it? I can proudly say I thought it was a bag of wank.

Let’s get this straight, I don’t dislike the advert because it’s based on a gay relationship. I don’t even dislike the advert because it’s based on some weird anthropomorphic lover’s wet, furry dream. I dislike the advert because it does absolutely NOTHING for Orangina. It’s useless! Seriously.

Orangina to me is a drink I was bought on a special occasion. I was brought up on apple juice and water. No fizzy drinks, and definitely nothing with a lot of sugar in it. I would get Orangina while on holiday, or at the pub on a Sunday if my dad decided I’d been good and desired a treat.

Orangina was different. A curious drink definitely, but It was brilliant. You had to shake the drink before it was drinkable! It came in a odd shaped bottle, with the indentations of an orange obviously to highlight the inclusion of real orange pulp! It was refreshing, fizzy, and a pleasure to drink.

The most recent ads for orangina shown in this country were these;

(video to come when I’m not on the bus)

Heart warming, if a little cheesy! At least it was trying to sell us the product on one of the USPs! (The shaking of course. If you couldn’t comprehend that by yourself then you should be ashamed). The ad still reeks of the connotations associated with Orangina. Sun, blue skies, hot weather, steps, rumbling, attractive foreign ladies, and strange disapproving old men. It works as an ad. It sells me the product. it tells me that if I drink Orangina, attractive, single French women will fall at my feet, even if I live at home and only deliver soft drinks for a living.

Back to the furry and his handsome lover. What is the ad trying to achieve? Sure, it’s disruptive, and I can guess that it got a few religious nuts wound up over the implied homosexually charged, bestiality ridden relationship, but what are we being sold? That Orangina gives us a lovely furry coat? Sure, it’s natural and artificial flavourings free, but the whole ‘face wash’ gag is pretty useless, even with my beard. I’m hardly going to rub the stuff on my face. All the pulp would get stuck!

Obviously we, the British public, weren’t the target audience. Maybe the French are all about anthropomorphic love nests, and bad humour, but even so, it doesn’t make the ad any better. We had a similar ad shown in this country, and it bombed. Hard. Over sexualised cartoon animals basically noshing the shit out of each other while high on Orangina. Again, it did nothing to me, except make me feel a little sexually aroused when I next saw some calamari.

I digress. Advertisers really don’t need to be disruptive for disruptives sake. While the idea of making someone stop and think about what they’ve just seen is all good and proper, the ‘thinking’ the average person does has to result in them having a positive outlook on the product. Look at that bloody gorilla. Again. He had nothing to do with chocolate, but sold us ‘joy’. This sells us nothing except the idea that we shouldn’t take oranges to the zoo as the handsome tigers will suddenly grow a deep husky voice and steal all of your boyfriends. That’s right. Tony the tiger has never looked so scary.

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