What A Super Duper Wuper Campaign

Today was supposed to be all about a shit telly ad. I was ready to tear that shit apart, and take my ‘When Advertising Goes Wrong’ tally up to five. Unfortunately (and luckily for Nescafe), I can’t find it anywhere. Oh well! I’ll find it sooner or later, and then I’ll go all Charlie Brooker on it’s bum. Yeah. I’ll get a new haircut and a larger production value so people think I’ve sold out.

Instead, how about I show off another favourite of mine. This time, a campaign for Super Noodles from the 90’s starring a young looking Martin Freeman. If he can look young that is, the man hasn’t aged a bit! Take a look;

Ahh, what a campaign. They don’t make them like that any more! Well, they do, but I like this. It’s brilliantly shot, and genuinely funny. The smarmy look on the kids face when Martin realises he has wiped his face on his girlfriend’s top is pure, unadulterated directorial genius. I don’t know what I think about the line at the end, which as you know that means I think it’s pretty naff, but with an advert that’s made me let off a hearty chuckle, I can forgive the bad copy. I can’t find any where who made this, but well done to you! There were a few more corking ads for super noodles back in the 90’s with Serafinowitzches licking a plate clean, and a guy pretending he’d wasted into nothing by taking all his clothes off.

I suppose back in the 90’s , Batchelors were competing against the Pot Noodle for the ultimate ‘lad’s snack’ title. The ads had to be funny, a bit ‘naughty’, and appeal to the student/LAD crowd, just like the ‘Slag Of All Snacks’ campaign did. It’s a shame we don’t see horrible food products advertised like this any more. It’s all about healthy eating, and shit flying pots of smoothie. I miss the rabbits Innocent. I miss the rabbits.

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