Copy That’s Just Irresistibubble

This is going to be hard to admit, but when I see something advertised in a brilliant way, I end up clapping. I don’t know why I do it, or what I think it will achieve, but I do it none the less. Maybe I think the art director or copywriter involved will sit up in their chair as their ear pricks, and feel better about themselves. In the same vain, I hope when I rip something to pieces, the people involved feel bad about themselves.

Obviously to you and to me, this doesn’t happen. If it did, we would have heard through the grapevine that the creator of Comic Sans had committed suicide years ago. Any way, back to this evening. Mid ad-break for something rubbish on TV, I did the whole ‘clapping’ thing. It wasn’t a particularly well made advert, it wasn’t that funny, and it wasn’t that well scripted. What it did have though, was a killer tag line. Take a look;

As I said earlier, the advert isn’t exactly ground breaking in any way, shape, or form. Man wants to eat chocolate, knows he shouldn’t, fights his conscience, eats the chocolate to get caught any way. Not very original, and not very new. I think the funniest thing about it is the welsh accents the Daffodils have (Before you freak out, I’m welsh, so I’m allowed to laugh at our accents… even if I don’t have one). It was the tag line that got me. Irresistibubble. It’s clever, thoughtful, and when pronounced in a welsh accent, quite funny. Well done Aero.

Unfortunately, after a bit of resarch, it seems like a rework of the classic Salmon Rushdie lines that he wrote for the company. Ah well, if you can’t invent, invigorate! I just hope the writers didn’t try and pass it off as their own, non-inspired work. We’re all about the vintage these days, so I don’t see why advertising should be any different. Well, I say that, but if you’re bringing back shit just to bring back shit, then I really wish you wouldn’t.

That’s it for today. I know it’s only short, but the line itself was only short! I didn’t have any explosive thoughts about it, but it definitely put a smile onto my face which I wanted to share! Here’s another thing that put a smile on my face. Today marks my first full month of the One A Day Project! I’ve done it, and done it properly! Here’s to another successful eleven months, and I hope you’ll all be there with me.

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2 thoughts on “Copy That’s Just Irresistibubble

  1. beatifnik says:

    “If you can’t invent, invigorate!” My new motto, that’s brilliant. And much better than Irresistabubble. Although that is quite good. Can I get a post about the new MTV WTF logo next, please?

  2. Ed Tang says:

    Really well done on the full month post-a-day! I couldn’t of done it.

    Salmon Rushdie wrote lines for Aero? With regards to the ad you’ve pretty much
    covered it all- she really teleports down those stairs though doesn’t she? Or maybe that’s telling
    of the temporal bubble that encapsulates the chocolateer or chocolatee, not sure which.

    Playing through Dead Space 2 with my mate…brickin it

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