If God Made Rice Krispie Cakes

Today Victoria and I hosted a small dinner party for two of our friends. We had tomato topped bruschetta for starters, a make your own pizza competition (which I won), and followed it up with a favourite of mine, rice krispie cakes. Now these were no ordinary rice krispie treats. These were the best rice krispie treats I’ve ever done eaten. If you follow this poorly written guide, you too can eat like a true rice krispie cake connoisseur.

Here’s what you’ll need to feed about four people, with enough left over for work the next day;

Five Mars Bars
Quarter Pint Of Whole Milk
One Box Of Rice Krispies
1 – 2 Litres Of Boiling Water
A Big Mixing Bowl
A Small Ceramic Bowl
A Saucepan
A Large, Moderately Sharp Knife
A Wooden Spoon
Paper Cake Trays Galore.

Step One.
Unwrap your Mars bars, and cut each one length ways into three strips. Chop these strips into small rectangles. Add all of this to the large ceramic bowl.

Step Two.
Boil your water, add it to a saucepan, and heat it on the hob until it begins to simmer away nicely.

Step Three.

Place your ceramic bowl filled with Mars bar chunks on top of the saucepan of boiling water. Make sure it isn’t actually touching the water, as this could end in a burnt mess.

Step Four.
Stir your Mars bar chunks constantly, and watch in amazement as they begin to melt. Add a small dash of milk, and stir until it becomes the colour of chocolate. Add more milk when this happens, and continue to stir.

Step Five.

As the Mars bar chunks heat up, the chocolate will begin to melt, followed by the caramel, and finally, the nougat. You need to keep on adding splashes of milk around every minute or so until you’ve used your full quarter pint.

Step Six.
Stir the now melted Mars bars quite vigorously making sure you flatten any lumps left in the mixture. This also stops the goop from sticking to the bottom of your nice ceramic bowl! Take the mixture off the heat and remove the saucepan from the hob. You can now pour the water down the sink as you won’t need it any more!

Step Seven.
Add a generous portion of Rice Krispies (but not too much! I started with two handfuls and added from there bit by bit) to the large mixing bowl, and pour the now melted chocolate mixture on top and begin to stir. Your aim is to make sure the Rice Krispies are completely coated in the chocolate mixture, but not so much as they are completely unrecognisable as breakfast cereal!

Step Eight.
After your mixture is made, add heaped tablespoons spoons of the krispie gloop to your individual paper cake trays!

Step Nine.
Put these in the freezer for twenty minutes, or in the fridge for an hour.

Step Ten.
Enjoy the best tasting Rice Krispie cakes you will ever have the pleasure of eating. If it takes your fancy, smash a Lindt bunny and scatter the pieces on top of the cakes before eating.

That’s it! I hope someone makes them, because as I’ve mentioned, they are the best Rice Krispie cakes I’ve ever tasted. They’re creamy, gooey, and nougatty all in one! You can even add marshmallows to the melting process to make them EXTRA GOOEY. Fantastic.

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2 thoughts on “If God Made Rice Krispie Cakes

  1. beatifnik says:

    Not helping with the cake craving, Cee! They sound amaaaaaaazing. xx

    • Sorry Gem! To make you feel better, they’re definitely amazing. SO much nicer than when you make them with just chocolate as the caramel hardens again and makes it both crispy AND gooey! x

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