Bring On The Trumpets!

After yesterdays debacle on people coming up with the exact same idea as mine, but actually managing to get somewhere with it, I felt it necessary to again, show my love and appreciation for the advertising industry. I mean, if I want to work in it, there’s obviously that keeps me coming back right? Yes. There is. It’s because of adverts like this. Adverts that make me laugh. Adverts that entertain me. Adverts that make me fish out the rest of the campaign on youtube, and then spend hours watching them, repeating them, and pass them on to friends. There’s hundreds of them, and hopefully I’ll be able to give a few a decent write up, like my entry on the ‘Seriously Easy Going’ campaign for Malibu.

Here’s a blast from 2008 for all of you lucky pups who read this mess of outdated thoughts and ideas! It’s a series of adverts that I fell in love with from the first time I saw them on television. You might recognise them from the title, but if not, feel free to get your watch on!

The campaign, created by advertising gurus Fallon back in 2008 was an instant hit with those ‘wacky teenagers’ you all used to hate, and of course thanks to the repeatable catchphrases, with children country wide! The thing is, as repeatable as they are, they’re actually pretty hilarious. I know they cracked me up when I first saw them, probably because the scripting is top notch. Well done to that copywriter! I mean, the bear talking about how ‘hard’ he is, still managed to squeeze out a chuckle. Half of the humour probably comes from the voices provided by Matt Berry. He’s a very funny man don’t you know.

There’s not much I can say about the campaign, as I’m sure someone somewhere will hate it. They’re not obtuse commentaries on life as we know it, or a damning looks at the value of the economy, they’re literally just a load of old sweets talking absolute, and utter shiite. They’re easy watching. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they’re akin to skits from sketch-shows! I could easily see this kind of idea falling out of an episode of Big Train, and that’s why they’re so good. Repeatable humour seems to be an instant sell in my books. Two out of two for comedy ads isn’t half bad!

Again, as I always seem to be gabbing on about, in entertaining us, the consumer, we’re letting these adverts, and by proxy this product, into our lives. Not only are we repeating these brilliantly written one-liners, but we showed the ads to people who hadn’t seen them previously. And that my friends, is viral advertising at it’s best. We did half of the leg work for them! I dread to think how many MSN statuses were ‘BrInG On ThE TrUmPeTs OPPs LOLololL’, because I imagine there were a fair few. In fact, that’s probably a way of marking just how good the scripts are; just listen to kids on the playground, and canvas Facebook and Myspace for people taking the lines, and trying to pass them off as their own. I can say without hesitation that it definitely happened.

On a completely different note, Victoria can actually eat the damn things as they don’t include E Numbers, and if you’ve actually tasted one, you’ll realise that they’re bloody lovely! Good ads. Good sweets. Good jokes. Well done Fallon. Well done indeed.

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