Someone Will Always Beat You To It

Well, today was all set to be an entry about another one of my favourite commercials. That is until I opened Firefox, and my home page loaded up; TeeFurydotcom. It’s a t-shirt website funnily enough! Each day, user submitted designs are picked to become the ‘daily tee’, and these are then sold for twenty four hours. They are only available for one day, and after that, they’re resigned to the gallery pages! Budding designers galore can have an easy way to spread their work around worldwide, with little effort. It’s non-profit for the artists as I assume the pay off of having your design worn by people is the draw, and the shirts themselves are incredibly cheap ($9 for a shirt, and $9 worldwide shipping. Comes out at about £12 per shirt!).

Today, excited at the prospect of a new shirt, I got ready to see if I would be purchasing today’s design. Let’s take a look at what it was.

Hilarious right? A nicely drawn design, and one that looks absolutely cracking on a black shirt! It takes influence from Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup design, and lampoons it into a mockery of what cannibals (or zombies!) would buy from their local Soylent-Greengrocer (That’s surely worthy of a job somewhere!). It’s a funny idea, and one that made me chuckle… Well, it made me chuckle alright. It made me chuckle about two years ago when my first creative partner Tom Waters and myself came up with the idea! That’s right! THEY DONE STOLE OUR IDEA!

Back in 2009, Tom and me were part of the D&AD Northern Advertising Workshops. They were a hotly contested (I think) series of workshops in which briefs set by advertising agencies through out the North West. Each brief lasted a week, and then we would have a chance to get into the agency, and present our work to their top creatives. Our first workshop was for Dinosaur in the Northern Quarter, in which we were set a vastly open ended brief about creating a campaign to integrate cannibals into society. (I later realised that this brief was re-used in the 2010 D&AD Student Awards. Now Dinosaur, I love your work, and you were lovely to us, despite never getting back to our emails might I add, but that’s a little lazy if you ask me!). Tom and me worked our little beards off to prove we could advertise with the big boys and came up with two separate ideas. The Anthropophaguide, and ‘A Different Take On New People’. We posted a selection of this work up one our old blog which you can see here. That’s funny. I’m sure one of those images looks familiar. Let’s look at them closely.

Wait a second! It’s that third one. I’m sure I’ve seen that design before Mr.TeeFury Designer! Now I know there’s a slim-to-none chance that the designer actually saw these images before drawing his own, but you have to admit it’s practically identical! Well, it’s not identical, because ours is funnier! Human Bean. Human Being. Get it? GET IT?! YOU BETTER BE FUCKING LAUGHING OR SO HELP ME I’LL LITERALLY EAT YOUR BRAIN… Gaaahhhh

“Oh Boo-fucking-hoo Ciaran!” I hear you all screaming. I know it’s not a huge deal, and it’s hardly like TeeFury is going to take over the world, but it’s just a bit of a downer. That could have been our work up on some fat guys tshirt (Well, let’s say 80% Tom’s work, and 20% me. He really is a good drawer). I think the reason I’m a bit disheartened is because I fully intend to post work of mine up on this blog, but what happens if someone in an agency sees it, likes it, and decides to cut out the middle man and rips it off? I suppose I have nothing to lose, and it’s something I’ll just have to risk if I want to fall into the big bad world of advertising. I suppose posting my work online is no different to taking a portfolio around a couple of agencies. Or is it? Any advice? Especially you Dave Trott? I know you’re reading this. Who wouldn’t be?!

Ranting aside, you’ll have to excuse me, as I feel the need to go and cry into my pillow for the rest of the evening, but not before I heat me up a tin of Cannibal’s soup. I think my favourite has to be Manestrone. Seriously. I’ve got a million of ’em

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2 thoughts on “Someone Will Always Beat You To It

  1. Human Beans is waaaaay better than Brains Soup! Those IDIOTS!!! xx

  2. dafydd watkins says:

    Nothing to lose by posting it.

    From whhat little I’ve understood of advertising over the last 25 days you design to a brief – it’s about originality and the constant creation of original, or original takes on current ideas.

    If someone nicks your work, that a) means it’s good and b) you’re not working to their brief so who cares?

    Get some of your work on here…what’s the worst that could happen as one kid (probably called Zach) said to another (probably called AJ) at a Dr Pepper pitch…

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