When Advertising Goes Wrong (And Then Right Again): Part Four

So it’s been a week since I looked at an advert that completely and utterly disgusts me, so I decided that it was time for me to venture back into the world of badvertising. This time it’s everyone’s favourite, twirly moustached, opera singer, Gio Compario. Best known for his roles in the utterly awful Go Compare adverts. If you live under a rock, or just turn the channel over when ever you see him, I implore you to watch these two videos so you can understand just how bad this campaign truly is.

I am so, so, sorry for putting you through that. I mean, which person in their right mind would ever think that was a good idea. Apparently, the entire marketing team of Go Compare thought it was brilliant, as did the workforce at.. well! It all starts to make sense! Apparently the team behind these ads (Chris Wilkins and Sian Vickers) work without an agency. Without a creative director. Wow. That means they had nobody of sane mind to think, ‘Hang on a minute, this probably isn’t all that brilliant, and it’s definitely more annoying than that sodding meerkat, and not as funny as Omid Djalili in the Money Supermarket ads, back to the drawing board right?’. It turns out they’re also the creative team who spawned those god awful Sheila’s Wheels ads too! Those guys sure know how to make the most annoyingly catchy, badly written jingles.

And that’s where we find our problem. The ads, while infuriating, are obviously driving business (Hah, get it? Driving? Like car insurance! I’ve got millions of them) through to Go Compare, or they would have been pulled, not made into a fucking trilogy with I imagine, more in the pipe line. The saying ‘all publicity is good publicity’ must be applicable to these ads, it must be. A quick search of The Drum and Google leaves me with this nugget of information;

GO Compare’s tubby opera singer adverts have been voted the most irritating on telly – for the second year running. And the number of people annoyed by them is now 59 per cent, up three per cent on 2009. Trade journal Marketing surveyed 1,000 viewers a week to find the most hated ads of 2010. But website Go Compare still insists its adverts are a success. Marketing director Nick Hall said: “The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness of the brand and ensure that it is front of mind. We’ve certainly achieved that.”

Courtesy of the great British institution that is The Sun

There we have it! The creators know it pisses people off, but they don’t care. I find that offensive. That’s disgraceful! I HATE THOSE GUYS. Sure, I can change the channel, but what if the remote is all the way over there and I can’t be bothered to move. That means I have to listen to another one of those stupid fucking jingles, and look at that shit moustache for the millionth time. It makes me quite angry. I want to be entertained! I want to laugh! I want to wish I had created the advert that I’m watching. I don’t want to grimace and flinch every second I hear your companies name. In fact, if I needed to renew my car insurance, I’d crawl over broken glass to make sure I stay away from Go Compare. That’s how much your adverts effect me. Well. That’s how much they did effect me.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the new Go Compace advert, but I have. Let me tell you, it’s a stroke of fucking genius. It’s absolutely flawless! Do you know why? Gio Compario doesn’t say a word.

The marketing team have obviously realised that Gio’s voice is the one thing that people hate the most. I imagine just looking at him comes a close second, but let’s bypass that for now. He doesn’t sing! There’s no song! There are lyrics sure, and I’m quite confident that in your head you were singing along, but Gio doesn’t say a word. We’ve probably been brainwashed by this campaign, but who cares. He doesn’t sing. The first time I saw that advertisement, I clapped at the end. I applauded. I put down my cup of tea, and smacked my hands together in appreciation for a good idea. Nay, a brilliant idea! Sure, they’re lampooning a silent film, but the whole idea of taking out the most annoying element of an on-going advertising campaign and replacing it with silence, is absolutely brilliant. Let’s see if that would work for any other ads. I’m pretty sure that webuyanycardotcom could do with that treatment, and we wouldn’t feel the need to stab ourselves in the ear with whatever is closest when their song starts. Don’t even get me started on those Daz adverts. They couldn’t definitely use the silent treatment.

Phew, at least that’s off my chest. I can’t work out if I absolutely despise the campaign, or if because of the new ad, I love it. Either way, the creatives need to be applauded for their recent stroke of brilliance, but only for a couple of seconds. After all, they still created Gio Compario.

I guess the big question is, where do they take the campaign from here? The creatives can’t roll out another silent movie spoof (or can they). I just hope, in whatever happens, they realise that Gio really doesn’t need to sing. Maybe they can do a cross campaign with injurylawyers4u and we could have Gio accidental rip his vocal chords trying to reach a high note. Ahhh, I jest. Please don’t do that. Pretty please? Seriously. Don’t.

Of course, because of this campaign, I’m never going to use Go Compare. I never will, and I ask you don’t either. Badvertising should not result in increased sales, or even increased public awareness. We don’t have to watch adverts, the channels can easily be changed. I know I am only one voice, and if you work in the advertising industry and question my ability to cast doubt on these ads, you’re completely right. Who am I to say if a campaign is good or not? I don’t work in the industry, but at least I’m passionate about the damn thing. You can all tear my work to pieces when I finally (if ever) get some made up. The thing is, I’m just like any other consumer out there, and I know the things I like, and the things I definitely don’t like. Seriously though, do us all a favour and make something entertaining! Throw some shit down a hill, slap someone in the face, or just get a monkey to smash the shit out of a drum set for a bit.

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4 thoughts on “When Advertising Goes Wrong (And Then Right Again): Part Four

  1. Factual post. Hated the adverts, but the new one is fucking genius. Sometimes the wife and I try to out opera each other in a fucked up game of karaoke.

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  3. […] Advertising Goes Wrong’ posts. So far I’ve touched on Andrex, Kleenex, Frosties, GoCompare, and finally the new Dead Space 2 campaign. Ten years ago you wouldn’t have been able to find […]

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