Tomorrow Brings Back A Slice Of Normality

I am hungover.
I apologise for the,
Lapse in my judgement.

Regular posting,
will commence as of Monday.
Ads and other stuff.

Advertising lots.
Advertising so damn much.
Haikus are quite hard.

Sorry guys. I do apologise for the shite entries the past few days. At least I managed to post some stuff! To make you feel better if you actually read that utter nonsense I just posted, here is another favourite advert of mine. This is an unreleased Sony Bravia ad. I say unreleased, it was made for an Indian audience, so it wasn’t aired in the UK or the USA. Again, another piece I wrote about for my dissertation, but that’s for another day. Enjoy it, because it’s bloody marvellous.

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One thought on “Tomorrow Brings Back A Slice Of Normality

  1. […] not going to lie, I absolutely loved the Sony Bravia ‘colour like no other’ campaign. It played a huge part in my dissertation, and it made me want to work in the industry […]

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