Viral Advertising? Quick, Tell A Friend!

It’s all filler today, as I’m a busy busy man. This is an exerpt from my third year dissertation written about the state of the advertising world, and how it would have to change from 2008 onwards. Here I focus on Viral Advertising. It will be nice to read this essay back in 2013 as that’s the time frame I put on it. Five years is a long time. I wonder if I’m going to be even close in my predictions. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll post the entire thing. Any how, it’s nice to know that I’ve got knowledge. And also that other suckers lack it.

The quickest way to spread your advertisement is to get the audience you’re marketing towards to do the hard work for you. Viral advertising is free of cost, but has to be planned increasingly well, after all;

“Great ideas are shared – bad ideas ignored.”

Will Phipps – Planning Sans Frontiers – Digital Essays – Campaign – 2008

Discussion is a major tool for the effectiveness of a campaign. If an audience talks about your advertisement, in essence they are also talking about your product. Take for example the online chatter following the Cadbury’s Gorilla advert. Despite the advertisement being branded, audiences still discussed it in their hundreds. Some audiences loved the ad, where as some hated it. However people felt about it, some viewers even went as far to create Facebook groups dedicated to the advertisement. Trevor Chambers wrote;

“However strongly branded content such as Cadbury’s Gorilla is, it will always spread around the net, because quality has an impetus of its own”

Trevor Chambers – Free The B-Word – Digital Essays – Campaign – 2008

Logan Wilmon and Alix Pennycuick also went on to state;

“If consumers are given the right content, they will happily share it with their friends”

Logan Wilmont, Alix Pennycuick – Joined Up Thinking – Digital Essays – Campaign – 2008

And I have to agree that good ideas and content spawn sharing and discussion, and this can snowball into a global phenomenon. Take for example the Sony Bravia advertisements; Johan Tesch wrote;

“When it [Sony Bravia Balls] finally aired in Sweden, everybody had already seen it and been blown away by the ad on the internet. So when you saw it on T.V, it felt more like a celebration of the magnificent ad you had already seen on the web”

Jonathon Tesch – The Death Of Advertising As We Know It – Advertising Now, Online – Taschen – 2008

This leads me to believe that when people that talk about an ad, this leads to more people actually seeing the ad, and surely this is what the client wants? The more the merrier so to speak. Viral advertising is a mainstay of the industry as it is now, and I feel over the next five years we are going to see an increase in ‘entertaining’ advertisements that will create their own blanket of viral praise. This will lead the advertisement itself to spread around the world digitally, and be reviewed by anyone who has an internet connection, and the willingness to let their opinion be heard.

My apologies if that doesn’t make much sense out of context, but I thought it was a pretty good statement on viral advertising as a whole.

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